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I’m bored practicing, especially my short game. Can you offer any suggestions?

September 11, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

2019 Clampett's Corner #14 from Impact Zone Golf on Vimeo.

Johnny, golf is a game in which we compete against ourselves. Identifying creative ways to practice that allows us to master our technique and develop feel is key in building a good short game. Here is a game I like to improve my chipping. Place a towel 20’ in front of you and see how many out of 10 you can land on the towel. Change the distances. Keep track of your stats. Look for trends, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for greatest improvement. Create your own games. Being engaged in your practice ensures rapid improvement.


    1. Claude,
      Yes, but it is knowing how to practice and having the knowledge of impact on all shots that is needed to learn to score. Improving your game requires practice, but more so requires knowledge. This is what has been lacking so much in the instructional industry. Many people I know practice a lot, but don’t improve. Practicing incorrectly won’t help.
      To better impact,

    1. Blair,
      Such a common problem but often not fixed in the proper way. Each swing is different. The key is to improve your path, Dynamic #5, and also improve the other dynamics. Too often students fix one problem and other important aspects of impact get compromised. I would start by better understanding the Load, Lag and Workhorse process that I discuss so much in my digital academy. http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com

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