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I am having difficulty hitting the ball first and taking a reasonable divot with my 5 hybrid through pitching wedge. Where should ball position be at relative to position of feet and distance of ball from feet. Also, should I be focusing on the back of the ball?

October 25, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Bobby explains that it is key to focus the energies of the swing forward of the ball, not at the ball.


  1. For both Driver and Irons what is the correct position of your shoulders
    and hips at impact?? I hear with irons cover the ball? I hear with the
    driver keep your head behind the ball? But with these two clubs where
    are hips and shoulders at the critical IMPACT POSITION??

    1. Dave,
      Sorry to tell you this, but you are clearly a “victim” of style based teaching methods. All the answers to these questions depends on where you currently are at impact and what is your natural style of swing. Unlike many teachers, I teach the same swing with all clubs. That keeps it simple. Good impact is good impact.
      To better impact,

    1. Robert,
      Low point should be roughly the same, but the divots of a 3 wood can look different, since the clubs are constructed so differently than an iron. Also, types of grasses and conditions vary the look of the divot.
      To better impact,

    1. Thomas,
      That’s why we have an indoor studio, and a two-bay building to go with our two outdoor academies. Plus it never rains in Naples! That is this time of year!!!
      To better impact,

  2. I love watching your swing! The way you get the weight over the front foot and drive your swing bottom 4-inches in front of the ball is inspiring. But most of us never find this position. Can you say a few words about what is happening with your body parts and in what sequence to achieve this result?

    I notice things like your front knee rotating forward at the transition and beginning of the downswing and the movement of the back knee toward the front knee. Also, just before you start your swing you have a forward press where your hands appear to return to that forward position at impact. But some of the specifics on what you are actively doing and when versus what is reactive is fuzzy.

    1. Mark,
      Thank you for your kind words. What you are noticing in my swing is lag (Dynamic #4) and effective use of the workhorse. These are both learned movements. The only way to learn these movement patterns is to have a good instructor and good technology. We have both in our Academy in Naples and Ft. Myers.
      To better impact,

  3. How do you improve Smash Factor? I routinely analyze mine at a local indoor simulator and find I measure, with my driver, 1.38 – 1.52 (no consistency). I’m just not sure how to keep it around the 1.47-1.49 mark. Club head speed avg’s 115mph with a ball speed avg at 170mph.

    1. Dean,
      Smash Factor or Efficiency is mostly related to where the ball is contacting the face, or Aspect #4 in Impact-Based® Instruction. Face to path variances can also play a role. Once you have the 5 dynamics, one looks for how to improve the 5 Aspects of impact and how to make them more consistent. Ground force activation is most helpful in this regard and I find my students improve Smash Factor when they work with me on our new Swing Catalyst 3D motion pressure plate in our studio in Naples, Fl.
      To better impact,

  4. Bobby,
    I have a difficult time engaging my lower body in the golf swing resulting in pulled shots. How do you initiate the down swing and ensure that your belt buckle is pointing to the target after impact?

    1. Bill,
      Proper ground force activation is key to moving the weight to the left side through the ball. We can actually measure all of these key perameters with our new Swing Catalyst 3D motion pressure plate in our studio in Naples, Fl. This reveals the amount of ground forces applied and where the opportunities for improvement lie.

      To better impact,

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