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Dear Bobby,

When should I use my 3,4 and 5 hybrids?


August 23, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Great question Myron,
Hybrids can benefit golfers who struggle to achieve a 4 inch swing bottom in front of the ball and need more forgiveness (as opposed to an iron). Because hybrids are able to plane on the fairway, they help struggling golfers avoid digging into the ground, and their higher launch and lower spin rates provide greater distance.
I explain exactly what I mean in the video below.
To better impact!


  1. i am switching all of my irons to hybirds. being A 24 HDCP AT 76 YEARS OLD IS HELPING MY FAIRWAY PLAY. WILL THIS BE A GOOD IDEA.

  2. @Calvin – I’m a fair bit younger and have 3 Hybrids in my bag 3H (20deg), 5H (25deg) & 7H (30deg) and only 4 irons 7, 8, 9 & PW, then the wedges 50, 54 & 58.
    I rely on the hybrids for shots 220yds inwards unless my drive is around the 160/170yd mark then the irons do the rest (well sometimes they do). It was a conscious decision that made me shelve the other irons, and go for hybrids a decision I haven’t regretted. I’ve seen my handicap go from 17/18 down to 12/13 but just can’t get into the magic 70s yet.

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