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When I try to lead with the body, and let the hands come last, I have a tendency to get under plans and get the path shifted too far right creating pushes and hooks, any thoughts on how to lead with your body but still make sure path gets left or on plane?

July 18, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

When you get to the top of your back swing you want to feel like you’re drawing an arrow from a quiver so you leave your hands back and allow the body to pull the arms and hands down.


  1. I like the visualation of the lower body move – I’ve tried to concentrate on this phase of the swing but occasionally (too often!) find my upper body (head/shoulders) to go fwd also. This causes thin hits and extreme loss of distance.
    Thanks! (former BYU athlete many years ago)

    1. Jack,
      That’s a good observation. As an athlete you know the importance of using ground forces to activate the body powerfully through the motion. The swing is no different. Learning how to make this motion properly can only be done with good bio feedback equipment. I like using the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Pressure Plate the most. Tiger has one at his house, but so do we in Naples. This is the best way to learn proper workhorse movements that can be repeated and create additional power. To better impact, Bobby

  2. I’m 73 and like most of the seniors I see at my local GC (I am Starter Friday and Saturday mornings) my workhorse quits and the club releases as the hips get near where they were at address. “Turning thru” in posture leads to a slight lower back pinch that causes some pain. Also, I’ve tried the suggestions to get a longer backswing by pointing the back foot slightly out and letting the heel of the front foot come up (like Jack used to do). Allowing that front heel to rise leads us to very inconsistent impact and really, not much extra in clubhead speed.

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