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How do I hit my driver into the wind?

November 21, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

The ISPS Handa Melbourne World Cup of Golf is being played this week at the Metropolitan Golf Glub in South Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia.

Bobby represented the United States on the World Cup Team in 1982 finishing 2nd to Spain with partner Bob Gilder. Bobby has played several Metropolitan Open’s at the Metropolitan Golf Club in the past. The wind is always a factor and so are the firm conditions. Learning to hit fairways when driving the ball into the wind wherever you are playing is key.  Bobby explains in this week’s Clampett’s Corner.


  1. Bobby, I suffered from impaired vision in my left eye. When I turn my cheek to initiate my swing I lose my ball focus. Any suggestions ?

    1. Claude,
      Lots of options on this issue. I would have to see you in person and try some specific tests to see what you can and can’t do and what affect your impaired vision in your left eye is having.
      To better impact,

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