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The aiming point is confusing to me. How can I get my hands to a point one foot in front of the ball at impact? I can barely see them!

January 30, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Thanks for the question, Ryan. I think it’s important to clarify that your hands don’t have to be a foot in front of the ball. The aiming point is a spot in front of the ball, where your energies should be directed in order to achieve proper impact. And really- the best way to get your hands in the proper impact position, is to simply hold that position in practice. Sometimes, just holding a certain position, or feeling the way your arms and legs must be in order to achieve it, is all the help you need. I demonstrate what I mean in today’s video.



  1. Bobby- Thanks for the great tips. I really enjoy them.. I need your help.. I notice at the top of your backswing and 99% of the “good players” the face of your club is pointing at what looks like the sky or “matching the left fore arm”.. I am a 8 hdcp player and score OK.. However I know I “save” the shot with my hands and want the feeling of being able to “let it go” through impact and follow through.. any tip or drill to help accomplish this would be greatly appreciated..


  2. Hi Bobby,
    Is the impact station available for purchase?
    I coach the varsity girls from Carondelet HS in Concord, Ca.
    And, teach AimPoint at Tom Rezendes’ NorCal Golf Academy in Walnut Creek.

  3. Bobby,
    Do you have any drills to help me from shrugging my shoulders on my down swing. I can do okay with mid to short irons, but Driver especially, I shrug my shoulders causing me to close the face and hook.

  4. This also points to the importance of a proper setup. Lots of amateurs have high hands and/or arms that stretch out in front of them rather than hang down from the shoulders. This imprints the wrong position at impact.

  5. I strike the ball on the sweet spot most when I keep my left arm STRAIGHT on the backswing. This shows me my true flexibility (or should I say lack of) and I can only turn to about 9 o’clock or parallel to the ground. I am 66 and play 4 or 5 times a week. Where does this straight left arm fit in your impact teaching or does it?

  6. Thank you for that explanation. Please describe the position of the club face when the club is parallel to the ground in the backswing ( for a right handed swing ) and its relationship to the back of the left hand. Also, please describe the position of the club face at the top of the back swing and its relationship to the back of the left hand. Finally, please articulate the start of the downswing. Thank you.

  7. Mr. Clampett, thank you for your meaning full golf swing tips. There is so much involved in the golf swing, I would like to go back to the beginning, not of mankind just the golf swing. I am involved with a girls high school golf team. Would you breakdown the pre IMPACT ZONE golf swing .
    Would you please focus on weight transfer of the back swing and when and how to initiate the down swing into the IMPACT ZONE. It seems like everyone wants to focus on the tightening the upper body muscles of the fingers, hands, arms and chest , however I really feel the golf swing starts with the toes , feet and legs up to and through the hips. If I am correct in this swing thought, how would you translate this swing into teaching the pre IMPACT ZONE of the golf swing to our young teenage girls golf team?

  8. It was a nice illustration you show me , but my problem is hitting the ball to fat or thin, I was told to keep my head still is that right or wrong.

  9. Bobby, My shots jump right 60 percent of the time. Is there a solution for this as it occurs driver through irons.

  10. I bought your book “The Impact Zone” some seven years ago and read about the forward swing bottom. It sounded logical as it would promote a downward strike on the ball. To achieve this I tried imagining a ball some four inches in front of the actual ball I intended to hit. I kept my eyes on this ‘imaginary ball’ and tried to focus on hitting that. This did not work for me as I feared topping the actual ball if I tried to hit the imaginary ball. I gave that up after a couple of weeks.
    Recently I picked up your book again and had a different thought. I look at a spot four inches ahead of the actual ball and focus on hitting to some point underneath that spot so the deepest part of the divot hole will be below that spot 4 inches ahead of the real ball. This seems to work for me as I get better contact on the actual ball. I wonder if this imagery is a good one to adopt.

  11. Avatar
    Kieran McCarthy PGA

    Are you guys selling this at any point. Looks like something that Mr. mike Bender has but he want $450.00.

  12. Bobby, my question is about greenside bunkers – is the release any different than what you discuss in the full swing with with an iron from the fairway (utilizing the workhorse and no flipping of the right hands.)

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