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How to find the center of the clubface on your drives?

October 24, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Justin Rose is the defending champ of the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions this week.  His remarkable rise to #1 in the World Golf Ranking earlier this year is due to his ball striking.  One of Justin’s keys has been better consistency in ball to face contact at impact, especially important with the driver.

Bobby explains how to find the center of the clubface on your drives.



  1. You didn’t really spend the time on hitting the CENTER(left to right) of the club face. I consistently hit way toward the heel and can’t seem to be able to correct that. HELP!!!

  2. I have enjoyed your insights on the importance of the bottom of the swing arc and how this is critically related to solid contact with the creation of the divot in front of the ball. However after forty years of playing golf as a mid handicap player I find it very difficult to take a divot or to make solid contact when I do so having generally greater yet albeit inconsistent success picking the ball. I am left to wonder if my technique is seriously flawed or just different. I say this because notably two of the greatest players in the world – Annika Sorenstam and Greg Norman , were known for their tendency to pick the ball off the fairway with perhaps all but the loftiest clubs. Thank you ,

    1. Tim,
      Very common questions and insight. Thanks for writing in. You’re not alone, as getting a better Dynamic #2 is key to your improved ball striking. Both Annika and Norman had forward swing bottoms, though their angle of attacks were often shallower. I hope to get a chance to coach you personally and see what you specifically do and how to make it better.
      To better impact,

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