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Where do we focus our eyes when attempting to put the bottom of our swing 4 inches in front of the ball? (On the downswing).

Terry from Virginia
February 15, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

This is a popular question. And in today’s video I will cover how the aiming point principle will help with this issue.


  1. I used to be single digit handicapper. 13 years ago I had a bad accident at work, doctors wanted to amputate my left foot above the ankle. I cannot make solid contact with the ball like I used too. What would you suggest I can do to get me back to where I was. Golf School?

  2. So I gather from your instruction on the video that you should be attempting to have your hands going towards the chip to keep the lag as long as possible and the divit @ 4″ in front of the ball.
    I that is what you were more or less describing.
    My trouble has always been focusing my eye on the ball and most often hitting behind it and then coming up on it,instead of catching it first on the way down and having the divit be in front of it.
    Focusing has always been my problem,can’t seem to concentrate long enough to get that ball first hit.

  3. I noticed you didn’t say anything about the placement of the ball…forward or aft of the center line. Which do I prefer on my irons, if hitting on the greens?

  4. I had the exact same question as Terry – your answer was clear and the aiming point drill was very easy to replicate on the range

    Thanks Bobby !!

  5. What causes toe hits with your Irons. I have been told to stand closer to the ball and also to put the ball out on the toe and go get it. I have gone from a 4 handicap to almost 10, just because of this.

  6. Enjoy your videos a lot. My question relates to a loss of club head speed after a couple of back surgeries. I still turn ok but have lost a ton of club sped. I’m formerly a 3 handicap. Any help appreciated.

  7. When I take practice swings they are almost picture perfect. When I address the ball and take my swing I fall back and often lift my front foot off the ground. This takes away a lot of power and distance. I find this happens more so with my driver than with irons.


  8. Excellent vidéo lesson ,BOBBY :you say that if you have the right 5 fundamentals ,as developed thorougly in your very fine book (I’ve read and re read it !),the divot in front of the ball willl take care of itself :the “aiming point “five inches in front of the ball is just a “crutch ” whch helps ,but no more .Lag is more important as well as the hands leading the club ;Keep the upper body completely relaxed as you how ,and the divot will happen naturally

  9. Good practice swing thought. In trying to obtain the 4″ lag I feel I am simply hooding the club face and hitting a lower shot. Is this what is supposed to happen?

  10. Hi Bobby,
    This lesson is lacking some numbers. You don’t relate the distance of the aiming chip from the ball which appears centred on your yardage stick which is how wide? It would be helpful to know those numbers. I get the 4″ swing bottom, but I think we need the reinforcement of the other numbers as well.
    I have your book but I’m not sure the answer is in there either.
    Regards from Toronto,
    Howie Alter- lucky enough to grow up watching and photographing George Knudson and Moe Norman

  11. I keep getting your emails for Clampletts Corner,however only a black space appears where your response video should be. How can this be correct as i would really like to see them.Thanks

  12. Hello Mr.Clampett : I must be a real slow learner as I’m not understanding the aiming point info. You say that you have placed the aiming chip at the end of the grip! Whoa……….what grip, and if it is on the ground what is it doing there? I’ve had your basic CD set for a few years but just cant get a grip on the swing bottom thing yet. Please excuse my ignorance as I truly don’t understand the relationship of these terms as they relate to one another. Thanks for your kind comments. Darryl

  13. Hi Bobby, As far as lag goes I think what most golfers feel is that they will not be able to square club face if they hold onto lag as long as possible? In your video’s you seem to say that you can hold lag as long as possible and centrifugal force will square club face for you? You will not be able to stop it. Is this what you are saying? Could you please elaborate. Thanks

  14. Hello Bobby,
    I’m working on my swing dynamics mostly in the bunker, then to the range. I see my divot start at the line I make in the bunker about 33% of the time with my wedge and 6 iron. My chipping in the bunker is more accurate. I’m having big issues , however when I take it to the range. My divots are sweeping to the left no matter what I do and I’m now shanking with all irons. I can’t seem to allow my arms to relax when I’m working on my aiming technique. Only when I don’t look at the ball but at a spot at least a foot in front of the ball do I strike it more better. I would like to correct these things but I’m not sure what to do first. I’d appreciate your guidance. I read your book over and over again and see it in my mind but not in practice. Thank you.

  15. Hello Bobby,
    Since writing the comment on 17 July I’ve been making slow but steady progress. I played at my local executive course yesterday and stood at 5 over par on the first nine. My ball striking has improved with all clubs except the short ones. I am hitting the ball close to the hosel with my short irons, resulting in shanking or pulled shots. I feel I’ve improved on my tee shots by my aiming in front of the ball but it seems harder to aim in front with the shorter clubs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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