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Dustin Johnson has such a weird swing.  Can you explain why he hits the ball so well?

June 13, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Dustin Johnson was dominant last week at the FedEx St. Jude Classic, holing out for eagle on the last hole and winning by a six-stroke margin.

DJ won’t lose any sleep over the fact that no player has ever won the U.S. Open after winning on Tour the week prior, simply because Johnson doesn’t seem to lose sleep over much of anything when it comes to his day job. Ever the unflappable golfer, he has overcome more than his fair share of on-course and off-course turmoil.

Watch below as I take a look at DJ’s swing.



  1. Bobby—- Eagerly following your impact zone tips—- I started golf at age 48 and have been struggling with it for the past 35 years. Never got better than a 12 handicap and now am dealing with clubs that fit me and loving your tips—- the adjustment to aiming point— speeding up handle—- improving lag and the tic tac toe from the bunker have made this more fun— irons and hybrids are better and drives are in the fairway and 20 yards longer. Son Brian has a teaching academy in N.Y. and have told him he had better incorporate some of this ! Sorry I won’t be getting your program but at 83 I can get along with those tips… even getting into the 80’s occasionally– Thanks !

    1. Richard,
      Thanks for the great testimonials. We’re growing as a business and have an Advanced Level One Instructor Program that would be perfect for your son in NY. He will get 16 MSR credits from the PGA for completion. Information is available at http://impactzonegolf.com/instructor-training/. We are also prepared to launch our new Licensing Program which will allow Academies to all be trained as IZG instructors and have the National IZG office support and market the academy. Brian might be interested in that as well. Have him reach out to me at bclampett@impactzonegolf.com if he is interested in either.
      To better impact,

    1. Ross,
      Yes, Texas and Scotland are two popular places this happens. Often it is impossible to even take a divot. Obviously, you can’t measure the swing bottom too well in these conditions. Go into the sand to measure your swing bottom. Wet sand is best.
      To better impact,

  2. What is the best way to keep from getting off balance and on your toes on the downswing? Thanks for your help, hope to attend golf school in the future.

    1. Brad,
      Training footwork can be challenging, especially when an individual has a pattern that has existed for a long time. We use the Swing Catalyst force plate system in our Headquarters in Naples to track pressure mapping of the feet. Depending on the patterns and the student, I have a variety of drills to use with my students to improve footwork, but it is very individual. I hope you can make it down to Naples for one of my Signature Schools in the near future. Next one is in November.
      To better impact,

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