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Do you have any drills to help me get through the ball? I seem to get stuck and slow down through impact.

May 29, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

The workhorse is the key to getting through the ball and that’s why Impact Zone Golf has invested in all the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Pressure Plate and Balance Plates, so that students can actually get bio feedback as to the effectiveness of their workhorse. Additionally, Bobby has created this drill to help students with the workhorse.

Workhorse is the term Bobby uses to describe the utilization of the ground forces to activate the lower body to deliver club head lag through the Impact Zone.


  1. Now as a senior citizen I’ve lost some flexibility. I’m able to keep a fairly wide arc in my backswing but struggle with my arms breaking down in the downswing. Do you have any tips or drills to help prevent this problem?

    1. Don,
      Clearly you struggle with a “hitting impulse” instead of learning to sustain the lag and deliver with the workhorse.
      To better impact,

  2. I purchased your video several months ago and have been working hard to get the correct impact. While I’ve lowered my handicap from 19 to 14 I still release the club too early about 50% of the time on the practice range but about 90% of the time on the course. And another problem is I usually stand at impact and again working hard to correct that. I’ve always had the bad habit of starting the downswing with my right shoulder so I’m working hard on dropping my hands and shallowing out the club then bringing the club through with my workhorse and I’m beginning to be able to feel that but then many times I hit a foot behind the ball and on the course I hit behind the ball a lot. How do I fix this?

    1. Thank you David, Always great to hear how Impact-Based® principals are improving impacts and reducing handicaps. Great question! Stay tuned, I’ll be able to answer it better in an upcoming Clampett’s Corner.
      To better impact,

  3. Bobby, you don’t know how much you have helped my game. I am still a work in progress; but I have always been a student of the game. I just retired, 3 years ago from as far North as you can go, Alaska. Needless to say, not a very long playing season, so I have really enjoyed the last 3 Years here In Idaho. Wish you had an Impact golf school close, as my wife is in constant need of assistance. Thanks again Don

    1. Thanks Don, glad to be a help. You may not know that I am spending a lot of time in Carmel, California these days and have a lot of openings for private instruction and an occasional golf school there. Not too far from Idaho! To better impact, Bobby

  4. Bobby,
    I am having a difficult time getting to my left side, clearing my hips, and finishing the shot. The result is a lot of pulled shots. I have watched your videos several times, and timing is the issue for me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Bill Abare

    1. Bill,
      This is a very common question and difficult with lots of different possibilities. Your age, physical condition play into this as well. I’ll answer in an upcoming Clampett’s Corner but I do address this topic extensively in my new Digital Academy. Go to: http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com
      To better impact,

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