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Does the start of the downswing affect maintaining Clubhead Lag at Impact?

June 21, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Manny wants to know if how the club starts down on the downswing affect flipping at the bottom. The answer is absolutely. Most people have a hitting impulse when they get to the top of their backswing there’s an instinct to drive the arms and hands and hit at the ball instead of the proper sequencing that Bobby explains in the video above.


  1. Avatar
    Patrick Napolitano

    I understand the work horse puts the load and lag into position for the swing bottom to be 4 inches past the ball…but,some of us have a terrible tendency to sway the work horse lateral,like side to side,instead of staying in more of a pivot position. That “sway” just destroys any chance of solid contact. How do we get out of “swaying” …is there any drill to remedy this?!

    1. Pat,
      A sway is neither wrong nor right. It completely depends on what you are creating at impact. Some of the best players in the world sway, but have great impact. If you do sway, you either need to get back to center or create a lot of lag on the downswing. I would have to see your swing and give you a lesson to understand your tendencies and make a recommendation for you.
      To better impact,

  2. Thanks, Bobby. I played Quail Lodge a number of times in the old CGA match play tournament, which sadly was discontinued after 100 years. I always enjoyed that course, and took some lessons from Ben Doyle when I was in town. Sustain the lag!

  3. Bobby, good stuff. When I try to lead with the body, and let the hands come last, I have a tendency to get under plans and get the path shifted too far right creating pushes and hooks, any thoughts on how to lead with body but still make sure path gets left or on plane.

    1. Thomas,
      Yes, hand path has a lot to do with Dynamic #5, swing path and sequencing can affect path. I think I would better answer your good question in an upcoming Clampett’s Corner, so stay tuned!
      To better impact,

  4. Great video I feel my hips and shoulders start the downswing at same time ,is there a drill to segregate them for proper sequence?

    1. Good Question Jim, I’ll put something together on Clampett’s Corner for you. Look for it soon.
      To better impact,

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