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Are you supposed to take a divot with a Fairway Wood?

John from Ontario
March 20, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

This is an excellent question and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer, but first, let’s examine what an effective Fairway Wood shot looks like…

In an ideal shot, the ball was struck in a descending blow with the bottom of the swing arc approximately 3 1/2 inches from the initial position of the ball.

Hitting up on the ball will result in low contact with the ball.

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The more forward shaft lean we introduce, contact will be made with the golf ball higher up in the club face and produce less spin, resulting in longer distance.

But when you can take a divot with this club depends on the conditions of each golf course.

Watch today’s video to see what I mean.

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  1. I just watched the3 wood video on which you said, the3 wood is the hardest club to hit in the bag. I wonder why it’s the only club I my bag that I hit constantly well? More so than even my wedges…why do you think?

  2. Succinct explanation is refreshing. Too often instructors think they must be verbose for a student to understand their concepts. Less is more so thank you Bobby…well done!

  3. One of the best explanations yet. To show the actual club face and where it is to meet the ball now shows me the actual hit. Well done

  4. I am 80 years still hit a drive 250 or more , but my angle of attack is so steep that I never take a divot. I use all hybrids.
    How can I flatten it out to make a shallower swing to hit the driver on the upswing?
    Thanks Ralph.

  5. Please tell me how I can correct my divots. Mine are lone and skinny made from the toe of the club. Do I need a flatter lie or more of an upright one??? Thanks.

  6. Bobby, I have installed a golf simulator so i can continue to hit throughout the winter months. Question are there any drills I can do to maintain what I have improved upon this past summer? Hitting off of artificial turf seems to present a different type of dynamic to the swing bottom that I have work so hard to achieve. I would appreciate any helpful hints. Thanks, Rick

  7. This twice I’ve received this video and no sound on either one (yes, my phone volume is high as it will go and there’s no volume adjustment on the video). Samsung Galaxy J3, latest and greatest Android software installed

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