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Bobby, how to you judge the distance that the ball will carry out of the sand? Is there a formula you use to judge the amount of back swing?

June 13, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

I use the same back swing and try to create the same amount of club head speed for all the bunker shots. What I do try to control- is the amount of loft on the club at impact. I do this in a couple different ways, which I will explain in today’s video. Have a watch:


    1. You talked about putting on back spin out of green side bunker. I assume you must pick the ball cleanly without taking sand?
      But it sounded like you can impart back spin even while taking some sand?

    2. When are you planning a clinic on maui? Lol…. I’m sure you’ll have a whole lot of us signing up… please consider it, Soon…

  1. Hi Bobby, I love your Impact Zone Training system, the best training aid I ever have! I have a question which may be not common since not mentioned in the videos. The question is about the connection between two hands during the entire swing. I am a right-hand player. First, if both hands should keep connecting (such as right-hand palm-lifeline over left-had thumb) all the time during the swing. Second, if so, how to keep them together and how tight it should be on the top of backswing (I tend to separate my right-hand palm from left-hand thumb on the top). Thanks. Gene

  2. Bobby,
    I’m a low single digit handicap player with an above average short game. I’ve got all the shots, except one; the chunk and run bunker shot. After seeing your last lesson on bunkers, I had to ask for your advice on this very important stroke saving shot.
    Wellington, FL

  3. When I take a shorter back swing I make better contact ,why.I’m now going to also try less hip turn also. Is this ok.

  4. Well…You’ve made a “convert!” I just love your Clampett’s Corner and being 70 with that phrase of “old Dogs and new Tricks certainly doesn’t apply any longer, thanks to you! I admit, I was very, very skeptical, as I’ve viewed tons of golf suggestions and fixes that often take weeks to re-correct after seeking to apply them!

    I have my long time golf buddies actually scratching their heads and inspecting my golf bag and equipment to determine if there is some magic spell that’s suddenly landed in my Bag! Specifically, your Clinic Solutions helped me identify that my strikes and repeated driver adjustments were not mini-slices but toe hits that self correcting has resulted in at least 40 yards more carry/roll! Best of all, I’ve struggled for decades with putting but simply using your formula for that flat left hand on the cup side on my putter (I’m a Righty) resulted in reducing my average putts from 30 “or mostly over” to yesterday’s low of 23 on an extremely difficult course and a few lipped the cups without going in… For me and my golf buddies that was a huge WOW/What The…..! No 3 putts and tons of 1 putts, never did that before in 55 years of golfing!

    Many thanks for your Transformational Solutions that can be easily and quickly applied! Looks like I’m quickly buying the Impact Zone DVDs

  5. I struggle with my driver whenever I try to keep my left foot on the ground the ball comes off my club face with a low hook when I lift the left heel l hit a nice draw around 275 yards should I keep practicing with my left heel planted or is it OK to lift your heel on the back swing

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