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My best swing produces a high draw, but every round I have swings where my driver hits the ground first, causing the club to snap shut and I hit a DISASTROUS low duck-hook! What causes this drop-kick and how do I correct it?

August 30, 2017

Bobby’s Answer

Hi Mike,

The first thing that you want to address is your 4-inch in front swing bottom. Currently, your swing bottom is behind the ball, which means you’re going to hit the ball in the upswing, which often leads to catching the ground, stalling the heel and closing the toe of the club resulting in your duck-hook.

To reduce the odds of hitting the ground before the golf ball, use the same ball position as you do with your irons and make the same swing. That will move your swing bottom well in front of the ball and should solve your problems.

To see what I mean check out today’s video.

To better impact,



  1. Bobby
    Lately I have been pulling every thing left, both on the drive and the irons. I usually hit a high power fade. What is going on?

  2. i have difficulty with that approach. if my ball is where you are suggesting i wind up hitting it to the right
    but if i move it just left of my left foot, tee it high i can get a great shot

  3. Question
    hi bobby
    Im 5 handicap have been practice with impacts zone videos on internet great work
    Mr clampett
    But I have a recurrence missed with my driver with push can you help me whit some drill

  4. I have a couple of questions Bobby…

    1. In reading your book this summer, you advocate trying new things to see how they work for you so I purchased the ‘new’ Cobra one length iron set to see how they worked for me. (forged blade irons). I’m beginning to see the benefits but still have to move the ball around in my stance to get a forward swing bottom with the different clubs even though the shafts are all the same length. What are your thoughts on Single length shafted clubs?
    2. Will you be doing a any IZG schools in Canada anytime soon or at all?

    Hope to hear back from you…Thanks!

  5. I sure don’t agree with this advice, for the driver. If I keep same ball position for driver, I get nothing but slicing. We want to hit the driver on the upswing or flat, not down. Placing the ball forward in front of my front foot gets rid of the slice, and provides more air time with a slight draw (and sometimes a hook, yes, ha ha).

  6. This is just what I needed to see and hear. Hitting “down” on the driver has given me much more consistency, and without sacrificing that much distance as I’m getting the ball to roll out, because it’s in the short stuff.
    Love your videos. Thanx a million Bobby.

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