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Just checked the US Open Qualifying results… too bad, Bobby! Was pulling for you. What went wrong and how we could apply any lessons learned to our own games?

June 06, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

At the age of 59, Bobby attempted to qualify for this year’s US Open at Pebble Beach after not having competed in 5 years. It was a long shot at best, but with Bobby’s storied history at Pebble Beach which included a 3rd place in the 1982 US Open behind Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus and a 37th in the 2000 US Open, he wanted to try. After having shot a miraculous 31 (5 under par) on the back-nine of Eagle Creek in the local qualifier, things didn’t go too well in the Regional Qualifier in Columbus. Bobby talks about the journey and what happened. And never mind that the average age of the field was 25-30 years younger than Bobby. And yes, that is one of the Clampett dogs in the background.


  1. Bobby- I admire you for trying to qualify for US Open! I am a big fan of your teaching and you as a player.
    Best regards,
    Mark McGinnity Georgetown Texas

  2. I was happy to see you go for it, and I appreciate your candor in talking about why you failed in your attempt to qualify for the U.S. Open.

  3. Hi Bobby, Alan Linney here from England.

    You sounded very disappointed in that clip and as a very competitive person myself I know how you must be feeling, Pebble is a very special place and even more so for “YOU”, it would have been special to see you competing there.

    I do plane to come out and see you again, I have certainly got the urge to play more since coming to your school in Naples.

    Played Carnoustie three times last month and now off to Portugal/ Vilamoura next week for 5 days golf.

    Talk soon.

    Alan Linney.

    1. Alan,
      That’s a fantastic testimonial. Thank you and I’m glad your attending the school has played such a positive role in your game. We can always do some refresher lessons long distance if you’re interested. Just did one this am. Post slo-mo videos of your swing, front view and down-the-line views on your training space as well as notes about your game and especially your impact. Detail is always important. Otherwise, see you in Naples soon.
      To better impact,

  4. Awesome feedback thanks for sharing. Shows all how to react to failure.
    Question about the 1/16 chart vs 1/20. Can you explain the significance

    1. Bill,
      The chart variation at 1/20 is where the USGA drew the line. Really no difference from a player’s perspective as neither provides enough detail to be able to read the greens through charting.
      To better impact,

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