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How can I better hit my 3 wood off the fairway?

Julio from Argentia
March 08, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

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  1. Well, we did see that YOU can hit a 3 wood, but Julio wanted to have you explain just what you do to get to that ?? “swing-bottom” ??. I guess I’m not sure that you hitting a nice shot demonstrated just how to do it.

    I not trying to be a smart-guy or wise-guy but I was hoping to see just how to hit that 3 wood from the fairway cause that’s my problem also. Maybe another demo explaining what is obvious to you but not to us would be a little more helpful.

    1. I agree. I understand moving the swing bottom forward 3-4 inches as with all the clubs but are you making a defending blow or a sweeping/ upward strike on the ball. The video was very vague as to actually how to hit a 3 wood easier. I usually enjoy and get a lot out of your videos but this one doesn’t explain anything except to move swing bottom forward which if people watch your videos. We already have our swing bottom 3-4 inches ahead of the ball.

      1. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your comment. We’ve passed it on to Bobby, so be on the lookout for a follow-up video!
        -the IZG Team

    2. Hi Rick! Thanks for your comment. We’ve passed it on to Bobby, so be on the lookout for a follow-up video!
      -the IZG Team

  2. Bobby,As you wisely say ,you CAN hit the 3 Wood flush only if the ball is not sitting too much down .I it does ,better play the 5 Wood or a low lofted Hybrid ( I play down to the 2 Hybrid – 16° OF loft )
    Also ,if you don’t have enough swing Speed to Nil the ball cleanly ,put 60% OF YOUR Weight on YOUR front footvat address .It helps creating the descending arc with the bottom OF the swing 2 or 3 inches infront OF the ball

  3. You only demonstrated that you can do it and never taught how to do it. If you wish to be relevant, try answering the questions sent to you, instead of showing that it can be done. If you cannot teach what you know, you probably don’t know much. I have the same problem hence my grouse. I am here to learn from a specialist, not to admire his ability if you get the rhythm.
    Thanks anyway.

  4. Wow, sounded like you really nutted that one but did not see anything close to a divot, so did you pick it clean as opposed to hitting down four inches in front? Thx

  5. Do you have a method for hitting the ball out of the rough. I have a tendency of hitting the ball fat out of the rough.

  6. I may be able to help Julio with is 3 wood problem as I used to have it as well. I have found that vertical irregularities in the swing arc (head moving up and down) will cause both fat and thin shots off fairway strikes with a 3 wood. Stabilizing the platform of your swing by firming up your flexed leg muscles reduces the up/down movement and makes for more consistent contact. It will improve your other shots as well. Hope this helps.

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