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Is there a key to relieving tension before a shot?

February 06, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

The PGA Tour moves to Pebble Beach today, site of this year’s US Open. I’ve probably played it 1,000 times!

One of the most difficult shots at Pebble Beach is the 8th hole’s second shot, 180+ yards over a big chasm over the ocean, it’s breathtaking . Learn to breathe when you are nervous to teach how to perform under pressure. Play Golf Tension Free!


  1. Saw Matt Kuchar do this at the Waste Management Tournament this weekend. Worked for him on a difficult shot.

    1. Jim,
      There is a lot to the question and I don’t have enough information. I would suggest watching my Driver DVD, available in our store on our website: https://mx160.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showStoreFront?styleThemeId=121&cookieUUID=c5c7319b-06a5-4019-9d63-f7aea5560f04
      The Assess and Correct Video would also help you. They will answer many questions you probably have and help you self diagnose. If you want the whole enchilada that will cover every question you could possibly have about impact, I’ve just released my Digital Academy which is the best thing I’ve ever done! Go to: http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com for more information and to order.
      To better impact,

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