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How does Bernhard stay in such great shape? I hear you all are good friends have have skied together. Is he a good skier?

August 09, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Bernhard Langer completed an age defying feat winning the Senior British Open Championship by two shots over Paul Broadhurst. The win is a record 11th Senior Major and his 40th all-time. Bernhard is closing in on Hale Irwin’s record 45 Senior Wins.

5 years ago, Bernhard and I skied together in Steamboat Springs, Colorado before heading to California for a Champion’s Tour event. It was part of our conditioning! LOL I’ll let you decide for yourself if Bernhard is a good skier!


  1. Good for Langer. I Love golf. Been playing since I was 10.
    But I also fell in love with downhill skiing during the winter months here in Ohio.
    My wife & I would go to Colorado or Utah with friends to ski. On one particular trip,
    we were traversing back & forth down a long wide run on a beautiful sunny day, when I
    said to my wife “That was almost as good as a 300 yard drive”. She never let’s me forget

  2. Enjoy your comments and lessons. I still have issues trying to have perfect backswing and often forget threw swing is more important. Can’t seem to correct that problem. Anything I can do to improve this problem

    1. Tom,
      Like so many, you are a victim of Style-based instruction that has been fooling golfers for years into thinking the position of the backswing is so important to good golf. The remedy to this is a clearer understanding of Impact-Based instruction and learning what is proper impact and how you can achieve it. To better impact, Bobby

  3. I swing from the left I tend to hit the ground behind the ball on the follow threw the bottom of my left foot stings and I can’t get any distance can you help me

    1. John,
      You have hit the core of impact-based instruction. Understanding what is proper impact and the load, lag workhorse sequence that gets you into good impact is the center of my teaching philosophy. I suggest you order the Impact Zone Digital Academy and begin studying. http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com
      To better impact,

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