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You talked about your successful game when you were young, then instructors told you that you would have to change your swing to get better, but you didn’t get better. Why didn’t you go back to your old apparent instinctive swing that helped you play so well?

January 17, 2018

Bobby’s Answer

Well Jim,

That’s a great question. To answer that, we have to go back to the 70’s and talk about the changes I had made to my game. In 1973, I met swing coach Ben Doyle who taught me a particular style of swing (queue flashback)…

When I got on tour, I found that my swing was quite upright, and over time it turned to the same snap-loading back swing, but much flatter. After I made several adjustments to my game, the result was a late loading of the club- and a lot of pressure on my back! After I had worked with so many swing coaches, I had developed a new swing from 7 years of grueling training; to retrain my swing back to my original style would have taken a herculean effort!

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So, we can fast forward to today and my swing is much different.

But why is that?

Like I always say, it does not matter what style of swing you have, all that matters is how you make dynamic impact. Over time I found a style that was best for me and I was still able to utilize the 5 Dynamics and produce dynamic impact.

Check out this week’s video to see what I mean.

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  1. I am 64 years old, a 10 handicap, create quite a bit of lag in my swing that yields decent distance (eg. 260 yard drive and 150 yd 8 iron), but I struggle with consistent contact. I believe this is due to a late set in my back swing. I struggle most with short shots – deep divots, poor sand play, chunked pitches and chips are typical for me and I feel that I am too steep. Is there one swing thought that I can practice to try to overcome this flaw? I read your comments daily and feel that I understand your workhorse philosophy, but just can’t seem to duplicate it consistently with my swing. PS, will you ever have a school in the mid-west. I live in Illinois

  2. Bobby…I want to thank you for responding to my question…I am actually surprised and flattered by the response. I do intend to buy your instruction videos as I have incorporated some of u tube video instruction and find that it has helped my game.
    Again… thank you for responding and for your instruction.

  3. Bob,
    I do like the fact that you are acknowledging Ben Doyle’s contributions to your golf swing. Although I never achieved the level of play that you have, I did have the great pleasure of taking 20 or 30 lessons from Ben at Quail Lodge. Wonderful Man and a Great Teacher.
    Recalling my lessons from Ben, and watching the Video Tapes, you are absolutely correct concerning the liquid wrists and impact positions. I do have to disagree with you on the snap loading as you demonstrate, and swing plane that you are showing that Ben taught. Ben was always quite clear on the swing plane, and it seem to me it was not in an upright position, but over the shoulder plane. Ben also taught two types of loading. Snap Loading which was an early cock of the wrists, and Float Loading as you demonstrate, letting the wrists cock at the top.
    I have always followed you career because Ben would always reference you and your golf swing with a smile on his face. He was quite proud of you. I have also read you book, Impact. It was a good explanation of the many lessons that I had taken from Ben. It was almost like going back to Quail for an hour.
    I guess what I am getting at, is that when you did go out on tour, you had the tools and the knowledge. What you did with it from there on is not for me to question.
    But let me say this, I was the first guy to stand on his prototype ‘window shade’ Swing Plane Mat, and it sure does not show what you are indicating. How do I know I was 1st? Because I had golf spikes on and Ben had a conniption when I put holes in it. So, If you are going to teach what Ben taught, please, do it factually.
    Ben Doyle was a good friend and a great instructor that never took advantage of anyone. I had many a good golf lesson and learned many a good life lesson from the man.

  4. Bobby, I noticed that when you demonstrated your present swing it appeared to me that you were holding the forward shaft lean through impact. Is that a true observation? hold the shaft lean or release after impact?

  5. Your stuff is always great Bobby! Great evolution.. I’m on the same page… Helped a lot of people with similar info. 40K hours worth! Keep it up!

  6. Bobby, just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I have enjoyed you style of teaching–learned

    quite a bit –best tip–do not try to HIT the golf ball–swing through—-thanks keep up the good work tt

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