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Check out Bobby’s analysis of Gary Player’s unusual swing at Impact.

April 18, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Here’s my impression of the 3 time Masters Champion and 1965 U.S. Open Champion Gary Player. Player used a distinctive swing, but still managed to get the clubface into a near perfect position at impact.

Congratulations to Tiger on his first Masters victory since 2005 and his first Major since 2008! Did you see last week’s Clampett’s Corner before the Masters? It was about Tiger’s swing changes… I had a hunch! If you missed it, check it out right here.

At the Masters this year I was preparing for my Masters on the Range show on Thursday morning. I was privileged to watch Gary Player hit some balls at the practice facility before his ceremonial tee shot. He still hit the ball beautifully. Amazing for someone 83 years of age.


  1. I am 77yrs of age and I having trouble transferring my weight to my left side. I was once a scratch player. I think with age I have gotten into a hit syndrome which isn’t good for proper weight transfer and proper use of the workhorse. I have your Impact Zone DVD’s. Help me. Thanks Grady Hickman

    1. Grady,
      This is a very good question and one I get often. I will do a Clampett’s corner on how to create your best impact without a workhorse.
      To better impact,

  2. I welcome your comments on the similarities between The swings of Gary Player and Moe Norman? Is single plane the way to go?

    1. Bonjours Claude, Gary Player and Moe Norman had very different styles of swings (including their swing planes), but similar impacts. I have nothing against one plane swingers, two plane swingers or even swings like Jim Furyk who might be on 9 different planes. Create better impact, you’ll play better golf. The game is really that simple when you believe.
      To better impact,

  3. I bought your book many years ago…it really helped me and I’m happy to say you haven’t changed one I Oda!!
    can’t afford your CD program, but I’m sure it is very helpful in understanding what suppose to happen in a golf swing.

    1. Hi Cal,
      Perhaps you will take a look at my brand new Digital Academy. Go to The digital academy, http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com. It is the best resource for you to gain a more complete understanding of your game through Impact-Based® instruction. In it, I have several videos on numerous topics which you will find very helpful, including drills to improve every aspect of your impact and your game. Golf is a game of understanding, then applying what you know. Everyone swings exactly as they have been taught. Understand well, be knowledgeable, and you will be blessed on the course! To better impact, Bobby

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