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How do you adjust your set-up in order to create an ideal address position for each club? The iron, fairway wood, driver etc.

Bob in Missouri
February 21, 2016

Bobby’s Answer

This is a great question. And much of it is discussed in great detail in my High Speed Lessons. If after watching today’s video, you still wish to learn more, I’d encourage you to check out the High Speed program.

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  1. Hello Bobby just watched e ball position video. I’m a blind/ visually I,paired golfer. I’m going to the same lenght clubs . Will you video still help me since I play the ball from the middle of my stance

  2. Excellent and very clear explanation ,Bobby to this often puzzling question :your approach is the classical BEN HOGAN method where the ball always stays in the same place but with the width of the stance moving .BEN HOGAN would also close the stance slightly wih the driver and open it also slightly with the short irons

  3. What tip can you give me to turn my body and follow thru on the downswing. I always end up leaning back and not forward and lose power. I Do it correctly in practice but not when I try to hit the ball.

  4. Excellent!

    I started narrowing my stance with excellent results. My irons have been much improved but it has completely jacked up my Fairway Woods (Which I used to be awesome at) and no adjustments would help! I will widen my stance back to my old normal and I think this will get me back my 250 yard 3 wood draws I so miss!

    Now I just need you to fix my inconsistencies with my driver! My drives can be near 300 Yd baby draws to 50 yard duck hooks to 240 Yd Slices!

  5. Bobby I’m older and can’t make a good shoulder turn unless I drop my back foot off a couple inches will that change the bottom postion.

  6. Bobby I do not take a divot on any of my shots and cannot seem to no matter what I do. I therefore conclude that is why my distances are not as long as any of my playing partners. Can you recommend a drill to overcome this so I can get the 4″ ahead of the ball lowest point of the arc.
    Thank you—-Brian

  7. If I address the driver with a square stance I usually go left. If I hit with three right foot drawn back about 3 inches I hit it straight. Why the difference?

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