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How are address and impact different?

February 20, 2019

Bobby’s Answer

Your style of swing doesn’t matter, getting to impact in the right place is what helps you play better golf. In this week’s Clampett’s Corner Bobby focuses on the lead wrist while showing how address and impact positions are different to strike it pure.


  1. So Bobby, why not start the swing in the impact position? It seems to me that would simplify the ability to be there at impact.

    1. Richard,
      Clearly some swing styles do start from the impact position. We surely do in chip shots. But with the introduction of increasing Load, Lag and the Workhorse, these key components move the hands forward at impact. If one were to start in the impact fix position, it would slightly reduce the amount of load, lag and workhorse and I’ve found slightly reduce clubhead speeds.

  2. Bobby great video on impact position compared to address, but why not set up in the impact position at address and eliminate all the syncing and timing issues. I have done so and hit every club solid as a rock, including putting and chipping?

    1. Miles,
      My first question is where’s your swing bottom? Most people naturally pull up because they are afraid of hitting the ground. With a rearward swing bottom, this is horrible!
      To better impact,

  3. Does the forward lean apply to the driver as well. I have a sense that the driver is more of an “hitting up” shot? Thx,

    1. Rob,
      That requires a more indepth answer to this very good question. One must understand all 5 dynamics of impact, MOI, COR, CG and more to answer properly. For the best information, go to The Digital Academy: http://www.izgdigitalacademy.com

      To better impact,

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