Proper Golf Posture

Proper Golf Posture

Proper golf posture helps balance. And all great players- no matter what the sport- have good balance. Balance equals control and consistency. Without it our game will suffer. What I have noticed in players with poor balance is the sequence they use to set up. Many players sole the club behind the ball then set the pelvic tilt. This leads to their weight being out over their toes at address. In turn it leads to an over-the-top move resulting in pull and pushed shots. The next time you set up, set your pelvic tilt first then lower the club to the ball. You will feel like your weight is more towards your heels rather than your toes or balls of your feet. You will feel more grounded and have better posture. The result will be more power and consistent play. Below is a video of one of our students showing this practice.

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