The Impact Zone® "The Power Pack" Golf Instructional DVD Bundle

The Driver Golf Training & Instruction DVD


In this groundbreaking video, Bobby unravels the mysteries and conflicting theories about the Driver, one of the most misunderstood and most important clubs in your bag.

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When you take the simple steps Bobby lays out in this program to scope out and create a clear course strategy before you play, you gain the extra confidence you need to make that round the best it can be.

  • 5 Principles to Better Driving – master each and you’ll never fear stepping up to the tee again!
  • The “conventional wisdom” at address that practically guarantees you’ll launch a wicked banana ball off to the weeds.
  • How to tee the ball for optimal contact every time you swing – it has nothing to do with your swing style, this will work for anyone!
  • Secrets to finding the perfect driver for your swing and game – you’ll understand the critical variables you must know to make the very best decision.
  • The optimal ball position for the driver at setup – it’s probably NOT what you’ve been taught or have been using.
  • Keys to determining the exact location for your driver’s sweet spot – and how to tell where you’re striking it most often.
  • The perfect club to pull from your bag to guide precisely how to swing the Driver to produce the very best results.

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240 in stock


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