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Social Distancing won’t stop us from improving your impact. Learn the 5 DYNAMICS to improving your impact from our Certified Impact Zone Instructors online, no matter where you are.


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With so many style-based golf instructors out there, many people hear multiple, different variations of what their swing should “look” like, not their impact. Stop that confusion and headache forever!

Whether in-person or online, Impact-based® instruction will change your game forever.

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Online Golf Lesson Reviews

Dan L

Bobby, I wanted to let you know how much I’ve improved in just three online lessons with you. They have really helped. I just shot an 83 on my home course and also a 39 on the back nine of a course that has been so challenging to me. That’s my lowest score ever on that course which I’ve played over 30 times. The swing reviews, online chat sessions and all the great drills and material you post to my training space are most valuable, as is your encouraging teaching style. My handicap which is trending lower is already reflecting the consistency in my game as a result of our work together.



Thanks for taking a look and the feedback. Really appreciate your insight and instruction.

When we started I wasn’t quite sure how the remote part would work out. I’ve been really pleased at our ability to work remotely.

Hopefully I can keep tweaking the swing through the summer. I do know I would like to get back to Fl probably in October to be back in front of you.

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