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IZG Training System Bundle

IZG Training System Bundle


Discover The 5 Keys to Creating Dynamic Impact… The Only Thing That Really Matters in Playing Better Golf! No matter your experience, handicap or skill level, you can develop quality impact on each swing, and become a better ball striker immediately.


The Impact Zone Training System Volume 1: THE 5 DYNAMICS

Bobby gives a personal demonstration of his revolutionary IMPACT-BASED teaching and the 5 Dynamics essential to becoming a great ball-striker.

  • The “secret of golf” – this will annihilate any and all misconceptions you have about what it truly takes to deliver consistent, powerful impact over and over again.
  • Why most golfers slice the ball – in fact, they can’t help themselves no matter what they do – and how to fix that forever.
  • A fundamental physics principle (don’t worry, no math involved!) that enables you to putt consistently and accurately.
  • The secret to hitting putts that makes its optimal impact position different from every other shot in golf.
  • Why your “Lag Finger” is so critical to delivering the clubhead into the ball with accuracy, speed, and power.
  • A simple “line in the sand” drill that enables you to easily integrate and measure each of the 5 key dynamics.
  • A huge mistake most golfers make on the downswing that sabotages almost every chance they have for hitting quality shots… it causes so much pain, yet it’s simple to avoid.
  • How to minimize the “Skid Factor” when putting to improve your ability to sink more putts and keep them true and on line.

The Impact Zone Training System Volume 2: ONE-ON-ONE

Work “one-on-one” with Bobby as he guides you through the drills and secrets that will help you master the 5 Dynamics.

  • How a simple change in grip pressure enables your entire putting stroke (and swing) to move in harmony – which produces consistency in putting.
  • What you need to focus on INSTEAD of the ball – paying too much attention to the ball can actually destroy your chances for quality golf shots.
  • How to overcome the fear of hitting the ground – which costs you strokes big time every round you play. (Don’t worry, you won’t chilly dip shots ever again when you deliver the club).
  • The greatest fallacy in golf that is one of the worst things you’ve ever been told. Instead, here’s what you need to focus on to hit that quality shot.
  • Specific steps to increase both the quantity and quality of lag in your swing.
  • Discover exactly what causes a shank – and the simple remedy you can put to use IMMEDIATELY and eliminate it FOREVER.
  • How to instantly recognize the core difference between a practice swing divot that will produce disaster vs. one that practically guarantees a perfect shot.
  • The importance of developing a quality “waggle” – get this right and your swing will almost work like magic.
  • Finally understand exactly how anyone – any size, any physique, anyone – can leverage proper weight shift and the hips deliver speed and power to the swing.

The Impact Zone Training System Volume 3: THE CLINIC

Become part of the clinic as Bobby teaches a group of amateur golfers to show how easy it is to improve your impact through the 5 Dynamics.

  • Why listening to “the best teachers” in the game actually caused Bobby’s game to go into a tailspin that took him years to unravel – and now YOU get to benefit from his painful journey.
  • The part of the body responsible for squaring the clubface at impact – and NO, it doesn’t involve your fingers.
  • What happens when you attempt to adhere to that classic advice – “Keep your eye on the ball” – (Hint: It ain’t good.)
  • The “aiming point” concept – exactly where to put your focus during each swing to achieve the very best results.
  • The crazy secret to improving 12 shots per round in 35 seconds (okay, your handicap reduction may NOT be THAT drastic, but the principles that enable this will DEFINITELY improve your game – guaranteed!)
  • The two worst pieces of advice every golfer gets, which practically guarantee bad results at impact.
  • The most important aspect of the golf swing that almost every golf teacher never mentions… this is why golfers are so frustrated, because even though they spend big money on lessons, they don’t get better.

The Impact Zone Training System Volume 4: FOUR STEPS TO DYNAMIC IMPACT

Bobby walks you through 4 sequential steps helping you create a consistent and powerful dynamic impact and get into your zone with IMPACT-BASED teaching dynamics.

  • “Ball Boundness” – the terror you feel at address and the one sure way to eliminate it from your game forever.
  • The secret to having great forward movement through the ball regardless of your age or physical condition.
  • The very LAST thing you want to do to move your swing bottom forward – it seems natural, but do NOT make this mistake!
  • How to make sure you strike the golf ball in the center of the clubface… and if you’re not, the simple adjustments you can make to hit it flush on the screws over and over again.
  • How to re-train your brain to establish the proper location for the bottom of the swing – it’s easier than you imagine and we’ll show you exactly how to do just that!
  • The foundational key to an impact-focused, effective golf swing – if you think it’s your hands, you are doomed to struggle.
  • Bobby’s fast-track-to-success 5 Minute Drill – practice this twice a day for 5 minutes – and you almost can’t prevent yourself from playing better golf and hitting the ball FARTHER!


Bobby demonstrates through advanced high-speed video exactly how you can apply the 5 IMPACT ZONE Dynamics to every shot you’ll face with every club in your bag.

  • The importance of ball placement when putting – if you don’t get it right at address, you’re killing your chances for sinking it from ANY distance.
  • Several short game “cheats” to make getting up-and-down around the greens practically guaranteed.
  • Keys to maximizing swing efficiency – this provides the engine for power and delivering maximum distance from every shot.
  • How to master that crucial transition between ending the backswing and starting the downswing, enabling you to lower the boom on every shot with almost zero effort.
  • Why different styles of putting can work… and the critical factor that’s most important to draining knee-knockers without even breaking a sweat.
  • Why the masters “swing with their feed” – how proper footwork during the swing enables you to crush the ball over and over again.
  • The exact stroke you need through the impact zone to make every putt lock-in with laser precision dead on the cup.
  • The “golden rule” the way you address every shot must follow as distances increase to the target – get this simple formula right and you’ll be knocking down pins the entire round.

The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series: THE DRIVER

In this groundbreaking video, Bobby unravels the mysteries and conflicting theories about the Driver, one of the most misunderstood and most important clubs in your bag.

  • 5 Principles to Better Driving – master each and you’ll never fear stepping up to the tee again!
  • The “conventional wisdom” at address that practically guarantees you’ll launch a wicked banana ball off to the weeds.
  • How to tee the ball for optimal contact every time you swing – it has nothing to do with your swing style, this will work for anyone!
  • Secrets to finding the perfect driver for your swing and game – you’ll understand the critical variables you must know to make the very best decision.
  • The optimal ball position for the driver at setup – it’s probably NOT what you’ve been taught or have been using.
  • Keys to determining the exact location for your driver’s sweet spot – and how to tell where you’re striking it most often.
  • The perfect club to pull from your bag to guide precisely how to swing the Driver to produce the very best results.

The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series: CLUBHEAD LAG

Bobby describes the reasons why Clubhead Lag is so important to your game, along with simple steps you can take today to strengthen this foundational principle in your existing swing.

  • A clear definition of clubhead lag and why it matters to your ability to play your very best golf.
  • Keys to using load, lag, and workhorse to increase quantity and quality of lag.
  • Simple, effective drills to increase the quantity and quality of lag in your swing, including: The Throwing Drill, The Band Drill, The Swimming Pool Drill, The Long Grass Drill, The Towel Drill, The Slow-mo Drill.
  • Why time invested on these drills produces faster, better results than actually hitting balls.
  • The importance of the right index finger and its proper placement and use to stabilize force and increase lag for maximum power.
  • The secret behind “through the ball” acceleration mastered by all the great players (the truth is out there but it’s NOT what you expect).
  • Fundamental aspects of fitness you want to have in place… you can be elderly, even with physical limitations and restrictions, but still have great lag and play solid golf.

The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series: BREAKTHROUGH

Step by step destroys golf’s 3 most destructive myths… false thinking that has been burned into your brain through countless repetition by well-meaning, yet mis-guided instruction.

  • The so-called “Biblical” truths about the golf swing that “infect your mind” and literally tie-your-hands to keep you from playing your best.
  • A secret “Aiming Point” concept that enables your hands to accelerate through the ball and hit the best shot possible time after time.
  • An absolutely INSANE myth about head position that practically forces you to mis-hit the ball – and a stupid simple drill to re-program your swing for reliable, quality shots instead.
  • The 3 vital ingredients you must put into every practice swing to guarantee solid impact and free-flowing movement every time you step up to the tee… so you can bomb away with confidence!
  • 5 easy cures for the dreaded “Ball-Bound Disease” – which can tear your game apart before you even play a single hole.
  • Keys to proper swing concentration… there’s a focal point that “seems” right, but in reality it will sabotage even your very best efforts.

The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series: CHARTING YOUR COURSE STRATEGY

When you take the simple steps Bobby lays out in this program to scope out and create a clear course strategy before you play, you gain the extra confidence you need to make that round the best it can be.

  • What measurements you need to make when analyzing a course – the critical numbers that matter most to creating a winning strategy based on YOUR game.
  • The specific data you MUST get from the practice tee – without it, there’s no way to effectively plan a successful round on ANY layout.
  • Keys to maximizing your “Margin of Error” when planning your round – recognizing the safest way to plan your approach to give you the best chance at avoiding disaster and big number scores.
  • How to analyze the different variables of a bunker so that when faced with a sand shot, you have the information you need to get up and down without blinking.
  • The most common mistake made when calculating yardage. (Get this wrong and prepare for almost certain doom deep in the weeds.)
  • Recognizing and overcoming “Visual Intimidation” – don’t blame yourself, wily Golf Course Architects have designed terrifying holes that in truth aren’t nearly as difficult as they seem off the tee.
  • How knowing pin placements before your round can affect the way you warm before the round on the practice range. (Plus you’ll discover a sneaky trick that could indicate pin positions that tournament officials are planning to use!)
  • The secret to taking one look at a hole and instantly knowing how to avoid “double-bogeyville.”
  • How to chip to get the most consistent results in getting tight to the pin… including the use of different clubs, such as a 7 iron, hybrid, or putter.

The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series: CASSESS & CORRECT

How any golfer, from Sunday hacker to PGA Champion – can reverse-engineer their swing, diagnose what went wrong, and identify the appropriate cure… thus playing better golf not only during that round, but future rounds of golf as well.

  • The secret to hitting the ball FLUSH on the sweet spot the highest percentage of time.
  • Simple keys to giving yourself the LARGEST Margin of Error when playing any shot, any round of golf (critical to avoiding gut-wrenching blowups that’ll KILL your score!)
  • The different ways golfers hit the ball fat and how to shut them down once and for all.
  • How to avoid overcompensating against hitting fat shots – no more air-mailing skulled wedges over the green into the trash.
  • Understanding “gear effect” and how it can cause even near-perfect shots to go way off-line.
  • The secret anatomy of the dreaded “SHANK” – simple fixes that will make dead solid sure you’ll never suffer that curse again.
  • Why proper club fitting is so important to achieving consistency, especially if you want to drive it long and straight off the tee.
  • How clubface location affects ball spin (these details are critical for anyone who ever plays in any kind of wind.)

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