Join Bobby and Impact Zone Golf for a British Open Watch Party!

Have you ever seen a player hit the green on a 203 yard par 3 into a strong wind and thought,

“Why can’t I do that!?“

Bobby can’t wait to watch this year’s British Open, a major he’s played in several times. He’ll be watching the action at Impact Zone Golf’s Indoor Performance Center in Naples, Fl, and he wants YOU to join him!

Join Impact Zone Golf and Club Champion at IZG’s Headquarters and Indoor Performance Center for free lessons, equipment checks, and competitions on Saturday, July 21st – 1:00pm-5:00pm during the 3rd round of the British Open.

Here are three reasons you won’t want to miss it!

1. Improve your game

Learn to hit a perfect fade or draw with free 15 minute lessons from Impact Zone Golf, and add yards to your drive with 15 minute equipment checks with Club Champion!

Get some drills and tips on your game with FREE 15 minute lessons from our staff!

2. Can you best Carnoustie?

Think you can play the legendary course better than the pros? Test your skills in our closest to the pin contest on Carnoustie for a chance to win a FREE LESSON!

Play Carnoustie in real time on our new Foresight GC Quad Golfing Simulator!

3. The 147th British Open

While the U.S Open was filled with drama and excitement, golf’s next major could be just as entertaining. How will guys like Dj, Spieth, Rose and Stenson play on this iconic links course?

Who’s going to win the Claret Jug? Get a pro’s insight on the tournament and watch it live with Bobby Clampett!

How has Impact Based® Teaching Helped Students? 

“Senior Master Instructor Tom O’Brien at IZG Tiburon is, by far, the most knowledgeable and skilled teacher of golf that I have ever found. After struggling for two decades with my self-imposed and flawed golf swing, Tom has diagnosed my mechanical issues and prescribed a workable pathway to create a fundamentally solid golf swing that I can practice on my own and take out to the golf course. The work station and practice area at IZG Tiburon is high tech and superb. IZG’s Bobby Clampett provides additional support via his Coach Now blogs on a regular basis. I am excited about the new direction in which I am now headed and am thankful to IZG and, especially, Coach Tom O’Brien for his patience with a challenging student. ” -John

“My 12 year old son Kody studied at Impact Zone Golf Academy last summer. The sessions were 3 times a week, 3 hours at a day. His game improved greatly in just a few short months. His short game from 100 yards in showed the greatest improvement. Instead of simply trying to get on the green, Kody is now focusing on sticking it close. In addition, the putting analysis equipment at the indoor facility explained his putting flaws and how to improve. His stroke is now firm and confident. I recommend Impact Zone Golf Academy for kids of any skill level. I witnessed some students with basic skills transform to valuable members of High School teams after sessions at Impact Zone. This school is for everybody!” -Dave

“Impact Zone is located at Tiburón Golf Club here in Naples, and I’ve had the chance to spend time with several of their teaching professionals. I’ve worked with a few over the years, but nothing comes close to the time I’ve spent with Bernard Sheridan. We spent an hour on the range one day and he just spoke my language. Was able to look at things and explain what I was doing wrong and provided drills for things to work on at home. Since our first lesson, we’ve been spending a lot of time together working on my game, hitting balls, doing playing lessons and talking about Tiger Woods. I could spend hours talking to this guy… But more than anything, he understands my swing and knows how to talk to me. He gets it and has already made me a better player in a few short weeks. I look forward to more lessons with him and to lowering my handicap over the coming year. Tip of the cap to Bernard and all he does for the greatest game ever played.” -Ricky