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Unusual Swing Styles Create Superb Impact

Jimmy Bruen’s story proves: all that matters is IMPACT, and Bobby Clampett knows how to help you achieve it.

This October, join Bobby and the IZG Team- to finally start your lifetime of better golf. Our other golfers have said:

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“This, to me, is truly revolutionary.”

“I shaved 3 strokes off my game in two weeks!”

  • 14 hours of instruction led start-to-finish by Bobby
  • one-on-one time with Bobby
  • cutting-edge technology
  • swing analysis on video (you keep)
  • student success manual to take home
  • everything you need for a lifetime of improvement

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  • Brian Morin


    Just a quick note of thanks for once again putting on a game changing Impact Zone Golf School this past weekend.  As you know, I had been to the school in 2014, and since I had a buddy who wanted to attend as well, I thought this was a great opportunity for a refresh.  Am I glad I did!  First of all, the new World Headquarters is state of the art.  From the technology employed, to the first rate staff across the board, I was blown away.  You really have every aspect of ACHIEVABLE game improvement covered, from the teaching of the 5 dynamics of great impact, to biomechanical assessment and fitness, to club fitting, and the mental side of the game.  And one of the best things about the weekend I found is that many of the drills you and Paul and your staff showed me…I CAN DO INDOORS DURING THE WINTER!  Finally a way to quantifiable game improvement when it’s too cold to swing outside (last Sunday was -17.8 degrees).

    Please extend my thanks to the entire the staff, I truly feel like I now have a plan to improve and get a better, more consistent golf game.

    Till next time,


  • D. Carbone

    The School Was Fantastic!

    I have to tell you the school was fantastic!

     I played for the first time today and didn’t have time to practice and went right to the first tee.  4 over on the front and 1 under on the back.

     Thank you Bobby!

  • D. Giffin

    Dropped 3 Shots in Two Weeks

    I feel now I can identify the causes of my "less than perfect" swings much better than before. I realize that I am improving, my "mis-hits" are much better, and my consistency of ball striking is becoming better each day. In the last two days, I shot 41 on two different 9s (I was a 22 handicap before the School). I shot in the 80's both days, and my handicap has since dropped to 19.3.

    Dropping 3 shots in two weeks (I feel) is terrific, and I'll be a Salesman for the Clampett Academy both verbally and (hopefully) by example.

    Thanks to all of you for the two wonderful days of teaching at the Academy. I really love the experience!

  • G. Tunstall

    More Enjoyable Game My game is much better especially my irons. My handicap when I came to the school was 17 and two weeks ago I won the super-senior tournament at my club with a GROSS score of 79-80.(won the net by 19 strokes) my hcp is now 14 and falling.

    When my friends see the contact I have with my irons, I give your impact zone concept all the credit.

    Thanks for providing a truly game changing technique to make the game more enjoyable for the amateur golfer.

  • H. Knutsen

    Shot my best round!

    I was at your golf school last week for two days and I just wanted to thank you for all of the time you spent with me! You were very helpful, and I'm so excited to continue working on what I learned at impact zone! Thank you again!! Also, I wanted to tell you that I shot my best round, an 83 on last Saturday morning!

  • J. Lysohir

    Re-energized my Golfing Life! Thanks again for a great learning experience.  It has re- energized my golfing life!

    It feels totally different having a forward swing bottom ...also the video really helped me to realize the importance of the workhorse.

    Thank you for showing me the forward swing bottom and all the other things as well. It was great attending ….hope to see you again!

  • Joel Wintjen, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
    Bobby's teaching is first rate and simply amazing. I never understood what "lag" was until I got his DVD's.. and then I followed up his teaching by attending his school - where Bobby and his staff helped put it all together for me. I'm not only hitting the ball better than before, I also understand my mishits -- which is a huge benefit in this difficult game. Mahalo.
  • S. Knutsen

    Exceeded Expectations

    I wanted to drop you a quick email to say, thank you. The high expectations that we had going into the school were met, and even exceeded, largely because of the time you spent working with us. For me, my goal is to develop the skills to consistently golf in the 80’s. The insight you shared with me will undoubtedly help me reach this goal.

    I love golf and I believe that the methods of the Impact Zone that you are teaching are what I need, and also what my daughter needs. I hope we have the opportunity to work with you again.

  • Steven Horan


    Played second round of year on Friday.  I am hitting 13-14 greens per round instead of the typical 8 or 9.   Shot a 74 from the back tees they use for the SAS Championship.   The ball striking, with little to no practice, is so consistent.  74 was about the worst I could have shot.  My only swing thoughts are the few fundamentals you taught from the 2 day course.  Driving is much more accurate.  Forward swing plane has changed entire game.  Thanks so much.


  • Tim Patten, Pembroke Piness
    I went to the Nov 7-8 school. I have practiced what Bobby and his team taught us. I have practiced 12 times in 22 days. My ball striking is 75% better. My good shots are better than good and my bad shots aren't close to the bad they were. I can evaluate my divots and contact as Bobby trained us to do. I can make the necessary adjustments myself. Round 2 of the IMPACT ZONE GOLF SCHOOL is in my future... and so is 70's golf soon from high 80's low 90's just 3 weeks ago. Thanks Bobby and your team!