What to teach aspiring young golfers about the game of golf

In an interview with Fairways of Life, a caller asked me a great question about what to do when introducing his child to the game of golf. Learning the game at a young age is so important because kids are so observant and impressionable. Young golfers will see and imitate the fine points of any golfer’s swing for the rest of their lives. These are the main reasons why Junior Golf is so important and it is so valuable to teach your child the fundamentals of developing a golf swing with great impact so that they can play the right way from an early age.

As I mentioned before, junior golfers are at an incredible age to observe the components of the greatest swings on tour. If you teach them the basic components of a swing with great impact while they are young, they can benefit from that instruction for the rest of their lives.

I explain what I mean in the video below.

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