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Rich Massey

Advanced Instructor

As a certified IMPACT ZONE GOLF® Advanced Instructor, and a former tour player, I believe that there are two things that all golfers should have in order to become consistently good ball strikers. First, I believe that a golfer should try and keep the golf club in a balanced position at all times throughout the golf swing by keeping the golf club as close as possible to the proper swing plane in both the back swing and down swing. Second, and most important, all golfers should have a flat left wrist and the golf shaft leaning forward at impact so that they consistently strike the golf ball first and have the proper swing bottom that is approximately four inches in front of the golf ball. I can be reached at richtmassey@gmail for lessons, clinics, and/or corporate outings.

After graduating from Furman University in 1990 with a degree in Accounting, as well as being an Academic All-American on the golf team, I went on to play professional golf throughout the world for fifteen years, including the South African, South American, Canadian and PGA/Nationwide Tours. While playing professionally, I had the honor of working with some of the better known instructors, including Mike Bender, David Leadbetter, Mitchell Spearman, Jason Birnbaum, and Joe Hallet, as well as some great instructors that many people have never heard about. While working with all of these instructors, I never believed that there was just one way to swing a golf club properly, but I did come to learn that all great ball strikers had the same impact position. After suffering a carer ending injury, I decided to continue with my passion for golf by becoming an instructor so that I could pass on all of the great information about the golf swing that I was fortunate to learn with the hope that more golfers could experience the joy of good golf that I was able to experience. I believe in a simplistic and individualistic approach to the golf swing. I first believe that in order to consistently hit quality golf shots, a golfer has to keep the club in a balanced position throughout the swing by keeping the club as close as possible to the proper swing plane on both the back swing and downswing. This balanced position is accomplished on the back swing by a balanced set up position at address and then the proper setting/loading of the club. On the down swing, the club stays in balance by sustaining and retaining the proper lag and by achieving the proper pivot motion through impact. It is this proper sequence of the back swing and down swing that allows a golfer to become a consistently solid ball striker. Second, I do not believe that there is only one way to swing a golf club, so everyone should and will have a different look to their own swing. However, all great ball strikers do have the same impact position, where they hit down on the golf ball while maintaining a flat left wrist and leaning the shaft of the golf club forward at impact. It is this consistent flat left wrist and shaft leaning forward at impact position that allows great ball strikers to have the proper swing bottom on each shot, approximately four inches in front of the golf ball. It is with this simplistic and individualistic approach that I believe a solid golf swing, and therefore becoming a consistently solid ball striker, can be achieved by spending less time on the driving range hitting balls and instead spending more time on the chipping and putting green, as well as on the golf course, where a player really learns how to play the game of game of golf and shoot low scores.

Find Rich at Central Coast Golf Academy, Arroyo Grande, CA | Phone: (805) 801-4891