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Dr. Eric Wilson

Master Instructor

Dr. Eric Wilson, IMPACT ZONE™ Advanced I and Master Certified Instructor; and a PGA Master Professional, has been recognized as one of the top instructors in the country by Golf Digest, in addition to many other accolades as a teacher of golf professionals and students alike. Dr. Wilson is currently the Executive Director of Golf Operations for Keiser University College of Golf. Dr. Wilson has been an important contributor to Impact Zone Golf and was the first to take and pass the Impact Zone Advanced I certification.

Dr. Wilson is a PGA Master Professional in Instruction who has given more than 10,000 individual golf lessons. He is one of only 40 PGA Members (out of 20,000+) to teach as an Adjunct Faculty Member for the PGA Professional Golf Management Program (PGMP), one of only 30 PGA Members who act as Certified Professional Program (CPP) Mentors in Instruction, and one of only 17 PGA Members who perform as PGA Master Professional Adjunct Faculty Members in Instruction. Since joining the PGA PGMP program in 1994, Dr. Wilson has presented to over 3,500 PGA Apprentices at all three Levels of the Game, Business, and People Tracks. Dr. Wilson’s Ph.D. is in Adult Education, and he has over 12,000 hours of adult education classroom experience, teaching Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, and Masters Degree programs in management, leadership, motivation, business ethics, and communication. He was Director of Golf at both public and private golf facilities from 1990-1995 and was the Campus Director for three of the four San Diego Golf Academy campuses from 1996-2008 before assuming his present position as Executive Director of Golf Operations for Keiser University College of Golf. Dr. Wilson won the PGA Section Horton Smith Trophy Award for excellence in education in 1994 and 2005, the PGA Section Bill Strausbaugh Award for excellence in club relations and leadership in 2002, and was a finalist for the PGA National Horton Smith Trophy Award and Bill Strausbaugh Award in each of those years. Dr. Wilson was recognized by Golf Digest Magazine as one of the best instructors in the country from 2000-2005 and was recognized as the Educator of Distinction in July 2006 by Grand Strand Coastal Business Magazine. He is currently Chairman of the Special Olympics North America Golf Committee

Find Dr. Eric at FL, Port St. Lucie – Keiser University College of Golf. | Phone: (843) 997-8318

Website: http://collegeofgolf.keiseruniversity.edu/pga-staff.html