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Adam Brack

Certified Instructor

Adam Brack is an IMPACT ZONE Instructor and is the head of the Academy at Hombre Golf Club in Panama City, FL.

Adam Brack knew early in life he wanted to teach. He began his professional teaching career in the golf business at the ripe age of 16 at the Sweetwater Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas. His passion and natural instincts for the game, along with a hardy work ethic, drove Adam to pass the PGA players’ ability test by the age 19. Adam taught his first professional golf lesson at the age of 20. Relocating to Panama City Beach, Florida in 1999 to work as golf professional at Marriott’s Bay Point Resort, Adam began sowing the seeds to become an important addition to the professional golf community. His calm, easy to understand demeanor captured the hearts and games of a large percentage of the membership and guests of the resort. At Hombre Golf Club, Adam worked alongside Martin Green, and was the Director of Instruction for the Top 25 golf schools by Golf Magazine in the nation.

Find Adam at FL, Panama City – The Academy at Hombre Golf Club | Phone: (850) 236-8374