1. I am interested in getting live instruction. How can I go about doing that? We would be more than happy to work with you in person! We have two locations in Naples, FL and our instructors are all personally trained and certified by Bobby Clampett! Please call us at 239-236-5536 to schedule your first lesson.
  2. I purchased the digital downloads, and I would like to view them on my iPad. How can I do that? Please use the following information to help assist you download or viewing on an iPad/iPhone;

Option 1:
You may access your videos on your online library.

Use the username and password sent to you by email.

Option 2:
1.) Download the iZip app. It is free in the app store. Here is the link…
2.) From the download email we sent to you, click on the link that you wish to download. It will take some time for the file to load.
3.) A picture of a file will pop up with the option, “Open in…” click on this option and there will be options where to open this file. Select the iZip app-this will automatically open the app. (Again this takes some time, you may try to select “Open In” and the options will not appear. Please be patient and give it some time as the files are large.)
4.) In the iZip app a box will appear asking, “Would you like to extract all files?” Click on, “OK” The file will proceed to download
5.) Click on the file name and the movie will play
6.) One additional step to save the file. Click on the circle next to the file name a check mark will appear. The videos will be kept under “Local Files” and they will also be saved under the “Photos” app if you approve for iZip to access photo. Now the videos can be accessed at anytime you would like to view them.

3. Can you tell me what Impact Zone Golf is all about?

Sure! Check out our philosophy right here: http://impactzonegolf.com/impact-base-teaching/