Holistic Golf – the Five Facets

IMPACT ZONE GOLF® was founded to build upon Bobby Clampett’s The Impact Zone: Mastering Golf’s Moment of Truth. Finding maximum enjoyment and realizing one’s full golfing potential is within reach for those who embrace what we call The Five Facets – an integrated improvement program that includes:

• Dynamic Impact
• Swing Style
• Knowledge
• Health & Fitness
• Mental Outlook


As introduced in The Impact Zone: Mastering Golf’s Moment of Truth, there are five fundamental building blocks essential to an effective golf swing. The impact dynamics are:

• Flat left wrist at impact (flat right wrist for the 10% of golfers who are left handed)
• 4 inch in front swing bottom/aiming point concept
• Loading the club on the backswing
• Lagging the club on the downswing, and
• A straight plane line through the impact zone

These five elements are the foundation of IMPACT ZONE GOLF instructional offerings.

Swing Style
Conventional teaching philosophies are, more often than not, style-based, emphasizing what a swing looks like (upright or flat, rotary or lateral, hands and arms release or an aggressive body generated release) rather than what it accomplishes at the moment of the strike. Although swing style makes for interesting conversation, not to mention the basis for selling books and magazines, it is our contention that it too often proves to be an unnecessary distraction.

It’s interesting to note that many of the best players in the game have swings that no golf instructor would ever teach. Why is this? It really comes down to the fact that unorthodox “style” clouds the real issue: impact. IMPACT ZONE GOLF teaches that swing style is important, but only after one has achieved serviceable impact dynamics. A golfer’s chosen swing style is one that is best suited for their unique size, strength, and flexibility. In this regard, soliciting the help of a respected instructor can prove beneficial.

Having a commitment to continual learning is essential to one’s golf enjoyment and performance. Besides working on the swing, there is much to learn, such as course strategy/management, the art of putting, USGA and local rules, how to purchase and evaluate the impact of equipment, and selecting clothing and footwear that enhances comfort and success.

Health & Fitness
Now more than ever, athletic performance depends upon power, strength, stamina, and flexibility – all key factors in overall health and fitness as well. Yes, you can be a decent golfer at almost any age and fitness level, but Impact Zone Golf suggests that you “step it up” a level to best develop and optimize the primary piece of equipment that is uniquely yours – your Body!

By teaming with some of the best experts in the industry, IMPACT ZONE GOLF provides access to a wealth of knowledge, services, and products designed to optimize your overall health and fitness.

Mental Outlook
Maybe the most important facet of the five is your mental outlook. Perfect dynamics, a beautiful swing, and a strong and flexible body can only take you so far. With the right mental approach, you’ll optimize your enjoyment as well as the results of your game. Included in the mental game are goal setting and finding the resources to get you there – from finding an instructor/coach, practice techniques, and routines, and the psychological side of the game – mental focus.

We love this quote from Michael Jordan, a superstar athlete who understands the importance of the mental game . . . “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

So we say, welcome to the journey that is the Five Facets of this wonderful game we all love.

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