18 July, 2017 by Bobby Clampett

Left wrist at impact with bunker shots

There is nothing quite like a major tournament on the PGA Tour, and The Open at Royal Birkdale is truly special. My time playing at The Open is something that I will never forget, and this is one of the best events in all of sports. All of those bunkers-especially the iconic saucer guarding the green on the 7th hole reminded me of a great question from Terry about how to hit a bunker shot.

When hitting from the sand, it is imperative to have an open stance and blade, allowing for more loft and bounce to the club. Some golfers are tempted to break their lead wrist to allow for more loft and bounce of the club as it brings the swing bottom further behind the ball.

But why learn a different set of movements when the solution is in front of you the whole time?

Every great swing is one that has great impact, so while hitting a great bunker shot requires more loft than perhaps a fairway shot, the 5-Dynamics still teach you how to get out of the sand and onto the green. All you have to do is follow one simple trick.

Watch the video below to see what that trick is.

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  1. Does the four inch in front of the ball apply to the bunker shot also? For this to work for me I focus on looking in front and not at the ball at impact.for all shots…

    Thank you

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