Fitness Equipment: Machines are Overrated!

If there is one thing you notice about the IZG Fitness Lab, it’s that there is literally no place to sit with the exception of our Keiser bike. Our training philosophy here at IZG is that our athletes need to be able to create their own stability and they must be able to do it with speed out on the golf course. Many modern day gyms are equipped with a sea of machines that all have you in the same position. That position is SITTING which has quickly become the new physical killer next to smoking. Sitting disengages the core and does not challenge the body the way it needs to be challenged. One visit to the IZG Fitness Lab is all it takes to realize that something special is going on here. Our facility has tons of open space for our athletes to perform workouts with their own body weight, bands, slam balls, Cybex cable machine, and free weights.  In essence, when it comes to fitness equipment, machines are overrated.

My word of advice to every client I work with is to pretend the gym is like a grocery store. You want to avoid all of the crap in the middle! Many gyms strategically place their machines in the middle of the facility to pull in the members and cram as many exercisers as they can into one place.

Here at IZG we use evidence-based methods to provide our athletes with a functional platform to operate from, strength training methods that yield fantastic results, and cardiovascular programs that will allow you to finish 18 holes with more energy than ever before. This is all done without traditional gym machines. I challenge all of you to ditch the old exercise machines and rejuvenate your fitness routines with a program outlined by one of our skilled specialists.

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