When I hit my driver the ball goes very high but not very far. I tee my ball low, why is this happening?


Hitting the ball in the center of the clubface or sweetspot is key to being a good driver. Having awareness of face strike is key. Adjusting the tee height helps greatly on the vertical plane of the strike. If you’re looking for more distance, extra clubhead speed is key but it must be created the right way to be consistent and accurate. Did you watch Phil Mickelson’s amazing victory at Pebble Beach last week. Check out the article below!!! At the age of 48, Phil is starting the process of trying to slow down father time. With age comes the inevitable slower clubhead speeds. Phil has found what we have found, and this guarantees more clubhead speed. The secret to developing more clubhead speed on not loosing any consistency or accuracy is a two step process: 1. Develop good impact through a highly functional Load, Lag and Workhorse process in your swing. This will get you to the best impact. Then, you need to train your body through overspeed training (Superspeed) to learn how to make the workhorse move stronger and faster through impact, increasing your clubhead speed. If you think Phil’s comments aren’t true, I’ve witnessed Phil on multiple occasions taking the Superspeed sticks to the range prior to practice or a round.

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