Swing thought for transition which is where I struggle with my hands and arms taking over?


When you talk about transition I suspect what you’re talking about is the transition between the backswing and downswing. I believe if you are familiar with impact based instruction that you understand that the use of the load, lag and workhorse is the most important aspect on getting that four-inch in front swing bottom and being able to compress the ball creating spin and distance.

Most people throw out their lag at the very beginning of their downswing which then throws off the angle of attack and the sequencing out of your swing. This is a common problem since most people do try to swing the club Just with their arms and hands instead of making the golf swing one entire body motion. To be able to stop this you must be able to maintain the lag and create a good workhorse during the downswing process.

One of the best drills you can do Is the half swing release drill. This is a drill that even tour players use to practice their sequencing out of the golf swing. You can find drills that help with this in our Digital Golf Academy or schedule an Online Golf lessons with one of our staff instructors.

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