Hi Bobby, I notice you take the handle low and left post impact, a really modern rotational release. Are you swinging or hitting? Especially on pitch shots it’s also evident. Do you take pressure point four through impact? Are you hands controlled pivot and if so, how do you get so much body rotation? And on pitch shots do you think about hinge action?


Lot’s of questions here and clearly you have a Golfing Machine background. It’s easy to get “off track” in looking at the swing from all these “Machine” perspectives. Also, I shy away from “styles” and focus on what is happening at impact, as we are all different and should embrace our individual styles. Your view of my handle low and left post impact is simply maintaining clubhead lag that is delivered by the workhorse. PP#4 keeps the left arm on the chest as this happens. The hands controlled pivot your refer to is really subjective, because I do both hands controlling the pivot and pivot controlling the hands throughout the swing. Hinge action is the result of maintaining the lag and delivering with the workhorse, so it’s more of an “Angled” hinge from the Golfing Machine. From an impact perspective, the less the face is rotating through impact, the better face control you will have and thus the straighter shots you will hit. Hope that helps!

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