Ellen Ceresko

Ellen Ceresko, Impact Zone® Certified Staff Instructor and Director of Ladies Programming

Ellen is a Staff Instructor with Impact Zone Golf. A graduate of Penn State University, Ellen broke several individual and team records with the Nittany Lions women’s golf team. She was also a two-time Pennsylvania State Women’s Amateur Champion. After turning professional, she played on the Symetra and other mini-tours, before joining the Impact Zone Golf team as a full-time teacher and coach. She loves helping others find their joy and passion for the game.

“Embrace Your Game!”

I believe in helping students understand who they are as a player and creating a vision of how they can be the best player they can be. My passion comes from helping my students create a foundation of the game and creating a roadmap to reach their potential. As a former player, I have used my past experiences in order to help my students master their own game. It is all about engaging in the process because the results will take care of themselves.

Teaching Philosophy: Student-centered and holistic approach in understanding who that person is rather than just teaching them golf. My goal is to bring the joy this game offers to my students – the same joy as it has brought to me.

Student Testimonials:
“I think that Ellen has uncanny wisdom and instinct as a teacher.  She listens well, asks appropriate questions and diagnosis the best solutions for improving skill, attitude and confidence.  She does all this with a sense of humor.”  L. Robbins
“I was almost about to give up golf before my lessons with Ellen Ceresko at Impact Zone Golf.  She has a gift for being able to see your swing (and makes good use of technology to show you) and is very creative and energetic in finding ways to get you to see and feel a swing with which I can play confidently and consistently.  Ellen is a talented professional.  Her approach with me has been focusing on the fundamentals (which I never had) and helping me understand the golf swing.  One of her strengths is that she can take a complex thing like the golf swing, and break it down into five dynamics so that I could understand and implement new swing patterns.  She has such a pleasing personality and is very encouraging while giving you instruction.  In addition, she sends you a video of the lessons which has been very helpful in remembering what she taught me.  I always look forward to my next lesson and what I will learn!  It is a pleasure and an honor to have had her expertise in helping me improve my golf game and bring it to the next level.” C. Hammond
“We are most fortunate to have Ellen Ceresko as an advanced instructor. She listens carefully, critically evaluates and together create a workable plan. I appreciate her thoughtful approach!” Melody
Favorite Quote I live by:
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Ellen Ceresko, Impact Zone Staff Instructor and Director of Ladies Programming



  • Melody
    We are most fortunate to have Ellen Ceresko as an advanced instructor. She listens carefully, critically evaluates and together creates a workable plan. I appreciated her thoughtful approach! Outstanding and I highly recommend her.