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December Golf Schools with Bobby Clampett and Impact Zone Golf
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December Golf Schools with IZG

Taught by a world-class team of certified Impact Zone Instructors, our schools will focus on improving your IMPACT. With curriculum developed by Bobby Clampett himself, you will experience immediate improvement- but more importantly- you will leave equipped with the knowledge you need to play the kind of golf you’ve always wanted!


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Master School Dec 12-13

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Pro & Junior School Dec 28-29

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  •  J. Kuczeski
    For those who can dedicate a few minutes a day towards your learning concepts, I guarantee they will greatly improve their game and begin to enjoy the process of learning on a daily basis!
  •  P. Traino
    I can’t thank you enough for the pearls of wisdom from Impact Zone Golf! The fundamentals have improved my ability to play and more importantly my enjoyment of the game. I have been playing off and on for 30 years and never had anyone explain to me these fundamentals of impact.  Your teaching videos are easy to understand and the fundamentals were easy to incorporate into my pre-existing swing. With understanding of these concepts, it is now easier for me to correct errors as they occurs on the course. Before, I was very hung up on my swing-style.  After focusing on the impact zine fundamentals, my average iron distances have improved by at least ten yards and I am driving the ball straighter and longer than I ever have.  In fact, the driver and fairway woods have long been the worst part of my game. I am on the way to making them one of the best.   I am even now thinking about fading and drawing the ball.  My short game has improved as well. All of this has allowed me to focus more on course management and scoring. Thanks so much for your IMPACT ZONE® Training DVDs and resurrecting my love of the game.
  • B. Foster

    Understood By All Levels

    I want to thank you for the great instruction provided at the Impact Zone Golf School by yourself and your instructors.  The 2 days were extremely well organized, professional, and very informative.  The "Impact Zone" process says it all about making proper contact with the ball, and can be understood by all levels of golfing skill.  It seems to me, that all the other methods of teaching, just add to the confusion of the "perfect" golf swing.  Thank you again!

  • Craig M
    I was at your first academy in April at Gateway.  I just want to pass along how pleased I am at the progress I have been able to make in my golf game.  My handicap was 16 at the time and this week I am at a 13. First of all, every time on the range, I draw a line in the grass to establish the bottom of my swing arc.  The other item is that I am paying close attention to dynamic #3 and #4.  There are days I can feel both dynamics better than others days, but the result is I am longer with my irons.  My driver is giving me 10-20 more yards. I especially like the weekly videos that you send out. Thanks
  • D. Carbone

    The School Was Fantastic!

    I have to tell you the school was fantastic!

     I played for the first time today and didn’t have time to practice and went right to the first tee.  4 over on the front and 1 under on the back.

     Thank you Bobby!

About Bobby Clampett

A PGA Tour Life Member and popular television golf broadcaster, Bobby Clampett is well-known within golf’s inner circles as both an avid student of the game and an exceptional teacher.

Somewhat of a “Renaissance Man,” Clampett’s varied interests have led him from playing golf courses to helping design them, as well as from the TV booth to the bookstores, as the successful author of The Impact Zone.  An avid snow skier and life-long pilot with over 5,000 hours (his father was a two-time National Air Race Champion), Clampett has discovered another new passion a bit more down to earth: as a winemaker. Clampett Cellars announced its first two wines varietals, both red blends, in 2010, added three more, and will be announcing more new wines later in 2016.

Clampett established his golf resume as a champion competitor, winning at the amateur, collegiate and tour professional levels – actually notching his first victory against tour professionals as a 19-year-old.  And while he continues to thrive in his 50s on the Champions Tour, Clampett believes his true contribution to the game will be through instruction.  Clampett’s insights from personal experience, as well as from studying and competing against the world's best players for four decades, has resulted in a philosophy that completely changes the way golfers and instructors perceive and interpret each golfer’s swing.

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