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09 September, 2014 by Bobby Clampett

Golf Tips for Swing Faults – Clampett’s Corner

Mark submitted this week’s question for Clampett’s Corner, looking for golf tips to help fix his swing fault.
And the first issue we need to address is how this “fault” is affecting his impact.
The most important golf tip we can give you? Swing style is not important: impact is the only thing that really matters.
So in today’s video I am going to teach you how to recognize if it is truly a swing fault and how best to address it.

Remember: there are five dynamics that lead to better golf, and those dynamics make up Impact-Based Teaching. Golf tips that aren’t focused on impact, won’t help you! To learn more about Impact Zone Golf, click here.

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  1. I live in NJ and most of the driving ranges are mats. What is a good drill to know that I would be making the correct contact 4 inches in front.

  2. Dear Bobby ,I love your “CLAMPETT CORNER “vidéos .I have your wonderful book ” THE IMPACT ZONE ” and your vidéos .Your”aiming point ” concept has worked wonders for my shot making .Could you in a NeXT video comment on what THE hands do from THE top of THE backswing .Is it correct to say they ” throw THE Clubhead down ” towards THE impact point ?

  3. Hi Bobby,

    We met once where I am the Director of Instruction at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm.

    I love your videos and concepts explained so simply. I teach a lot of impact and it being the most important part of the golf swing.

    Lets talk maybe about bringing a school to my facility next year?

    Keep the videos coming!

    Best regards,

  4. Totally buy in to IZ. Fundamentals- especially load and lag- kicked in for a few rounds with solid outcomes. How do YOU keep it going? Sometimes success is fleeting and hard to recapture.

  5. It seems that I often pull my short irons left of my target line but if I aim to the right to compensate my shot will go straight. What am I doing wrong?

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