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special Impact Improver edition

With the help of the Impact Improver, Bobby explains the cause and the cure of the ball bound factor.

Impact Improver


How It Works

This ingenious inexpensive training aid allows a golfer to see their point of contact on every swing!

Simply attach the strike shield and start swinging. The ball sticks to the strike shield. With every swing, you’ll know exactly where you made contact with the ball. You’ll get instant feedback, instant fun, and a better game!

The Impact Improver also saves you time, money, and allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home. The Impact Improver is reusable and there is no sticky impact tape residue.

Each unit comes with One Strike Shield, Four Impact Balls, One Facilitator Tool, One Uber Cool Zipper Storage Case.

Fits RIGHT HANDED irons: Pitching wedge thru 5 Iron for adult and junior models. (won’t fit left handed clubs.)

Great for beginners, juniors, and avid golfers.


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