17 November, 2014 by Bobby Clampett

Clampett’s Corner – How to be a consistent golfer

Do you get frustrated when you hit a great shot followed by a poor one?  You’re not alone.  It happens to millions of golfers who are looking to be a consistent golfer.  So you hit a fantastic drive, then duff a 5-iron approach shot.  You know there’s a good game in your bag, but you can’t establish a rhythm of consistency.  Don’t worry.  In this edition of Clampett’s Corner, Bobby will run you through some drills that will effectively get you that consistency you’re looking for.  There are three words you need to familiarize yourself with- load, lag, and workhorse.  And guess what?  You don’t even have to hit a golf ball to achieve consistency.  “How?”, you ask?  Take a look and find your rhythm!

Bobby Clampett is a renowned PGA Tour player, Champions Tour player, golf instructor and commentator, and he has made a radical discovery in the world of golf instruction. Find out how you can discover the 5 keys to creating Dynamic Impact…the only thing that really matters in playing better golf! No matter your experience, handicap, or skill level, you can develop quality impact on each swing, and become a better ball striker immediately. Watch this game-changing video to find out how… Impact Zone Training System.

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  1. Hi Bobby, I’m keenly following your video lessons and your Impact Zone system makes so much of sense. You mention that the swing bottom should ideally be 4 inches past the ball. My question is where to look at during impact – is it the ball or the 4 inch line after the ball? Appreciate your advice. Ed

  2. what are you looking at and aiming at when you swing and hit the ball.

    Looking at back of ball?
    Looking at front of ball?

    How do your achieve swing bottom 4″ in front of ball and what do you think about to do that

  3. Once again no sound on this video… I would love to be part of this product but – for the second time – NO SOUND… What’s goin on..?

    1. Hi Chris,

      We have looked into the sound issue you are having and can’t seem to find any issues on our end. Were you able to resolve the problem? – The Impact Zone Team

  4. Bobby, would you say that those of us with a full hybrid iron set, which leave little or no divot, should move back to conventional irons? Thanks.

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