Chip Away to Improve Your Golf Game

golf game

Golf takes patience to improve. Just as a sculptor chips away small bits of stone to form a beautiful piece of art, your game takes time too. Working on every part of the game seems like an overwhelming task and many feel like they will never lower their handicap. Most say it takes too much time and effort to knock strokes off their game. The key to tackling a daunting task is one step at a time. No one has ever climbed a mountain in one leap. And like the sculptor chips away small bits of stone, you too have to take small amounts of time and work on drills along with each part of your game to improve.

That means that you don’t have to hit hundreds of balls in one session like in the photo above. You need to chip away little by little just like the sculptor on a stone. Each day, take ten minutes and work on a part of your game. Do putting one day and chipping the next. Work on drills that help your full swing like the line drill. Take another day and work on balance and weight shift. Then set at least one day a weekly to work with your instructor to make sure you are on the right track. These small sessions each day take a little amount of time and add up to improvements across your entire game. Remember if you want to get better and improve you have to commit. You can’t eat an entire steer in a few gulps but in small bites it will be gone before you know it. Make this year the one that you improve your Impact and lower your scores once and for all.

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