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14 June, 2011 by Bobby Clampett

Brenndan Cooper Named Top 20 Putting/Short Game Instructor

Top of the Rock Head Golf Professional Brenndan Cooper was named to Richie3Jack’s Top 20 Worldwide Putting/Short Game Instructors this month. Author Rich Hunt is a well-known golf blogger and instruction guru and recognized Cooper’s talent in short-game instruction. Cooper is also an IMPACT ZONETM Master Instructor and Putting Zone coach. Top of the Rock is located at Big Cedar Resort near Branson and is currently undergoing renovation. Brenndan’s teaching philosophy has been widely successful.

A little about Brenndan…
Brenndan Cooper

PGA Certification – Instruction

IMPACT ZONE Master Instructor

GSEB The Golfing Machine

Putting Zone Coach

An IMPACT ZONE Master Instructor who has had the opportunity to be trained by, and work with Bobby Clampett, creator of IMPACT ZONE GOLF®.  Brenndan also has been fortunate to learn and work with other top instructors Chuck Evans and Geoff Mangum.  He also holds a GSEB (Golf Stroke Engineering Bachelors) Degree with The Golfing Machine, as well as being recognized as a Putting Zone Coach.
Brenndan has been able to take what he has learned from these top instructors, as well as his own studies of the golf swing, to help golfers of all skill levels reach their golfing potential. He has helped numerous junior and high school players receive college scholarships and taught players of various skill levels, from the amateur to the professional.

Teaching Philosophy

Brenndan’s teaching philosophy is to help students achieve and improve their swing dynamics, while at the same time gaining an understanding of how the golf club should perform. Brenndan believes that each student has their ideal swing based on their natural tendencies, physical strength, and limitations. If the student can understand the dynamics of their golf swing and golf club then they will have a greater success rate at a quicker pace.  Because of Brenndan’s teaching philosophy, he has earned this very important distinction.

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  1. May I add to comments…………Brenndan is also a wonderful image for the game!
    He is a true gentleman and family man, a good mentor for young or old…………

  2. May I add to comments…………Brenndan is also a wonderful image for the game
    He is a true gentleman and family man, a good mentor for young or old………………..

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