Bernard Sheridan

Bernard Sheridan

Bernard Sheridan, Impact Zone® Senior Staff Instructor  

An Impact Zone Senior Staff Instructor, Bernard has been teaching golf since 1998. His many other certifications include the Putting Zone, U.S. Kids Golf (Certified Instructor), TrackMan and Foresight, SAM PuttLab, Penn State Biomechanics, EyeLine 4 Elements Certified Instructor, Golf Fit Certified Fitness Instructor, Mizuno Certified Club Fitter, 3 Jack D-Plane Certified and Swing Catalyst.

His passion for the effectiveness of Bobby’s Impact-based® curriculum, along with his folksy way with his students, gains him consistent 5-star reviews from his students as they learn and improve their games.  Bernard is also the founder and host of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan, a weekly golf instruction podcast on iTunes.

Blog Posts From Bernard

golf posture
10 January, 2017 by Bernard Sheridan

Proper Golf Posture

Proper Golf Posture Proper golf posture helps balance. And all great players- no matter what the sport- have good balance. Balance equals control and consistency….

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  • Steve T.
    "Great experience and would strongly recommend IZG for beginners to experts. The professionals know the game and combined with all the technology in the assessment area you begin to understand where your opportunities exist. I look forward to continuing to learn and improve my scores which will lead to a more enjoyable experience on the course. Bernie Sheridan is an outstanding coach."
  • Ricky P.
    Impact Zone is located at Tiburón Golf Club here in Naples, and I've had the chance to spend time with several of their teaching professionals. I've worked with a few over the years, but nothing comes close to the time I've spent with Bernard Sheridan. We spent an hour on the range one day and he just spoke my language. Was able to look at things and explain what I was doing wrong and provided drills for things to work on at home. Since our first lesson, we've been spending a lot of time together working on my game, hitting balls, doing playing lessons and talking about Tiger Woods. I could spend hours talking to this guy... But more than anything, he understands my swing and knows how to talk to me. He gets it and has already made me a better player in a few short weeks. I look forward to more lessons with him and to lowering my handicap over the coming year. Tip of the cap to Bernard and all he does for the greatest game ever played.
  • Felipe D.
    "I started at Impact golf a little over a month ago and I can really see the difference in my game. Bernard is a top notch instructor and is extremely patient with me. He understands my needs and knows the best way to get me to improve. I would highly recommend Impact golf and Bernard to anyone from beginners to scratch golfers." -Felipe