IMPACT ZONE® Master Series Golf Schools

Impact Zone Master Series Golf SchoolsIMPACT ZONE® Master Series Golf Schools are a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your impact, lower your scores, and enjoy the game more! Led by Master Instructors, our top level of instructors, these schools will cover the curriculum of “Impact-Based™” teaching and promise to improve your game through creating better impact, just like the Tour Pro’s!

The Master Series Golf Schools are held throughout the year at a number of different locations across the country. Typically 2 days in length, numbers at each school are very limited so be sure to schedule early.

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“I’ve been to many golf schools over the years.  Without doubt, the IMPACT ZONE® Golf School not only has the best teaching I’ve ever seen, but the quality of the experience was second to none!” – T. Milner

Improvement made at Master Series Golf School

Before & After, Showing Improvement From A Master Series Golf School


Whether you are an avid golfer, or a beginner, a junior golfer or a senior, the Master Series program is your unique opportunity to find your best game while accommodating your personal learning style. Learning is discovery. Join the Master Series and discover a lifetime of better golf!


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IMPACT ZONE® Master Series Golf Schools will include the following:

  • World Class Instruction
  • 2 days with a Master Instructor
  • Video Analysis of your swing
  • Unlimited access to the golf courses practice facility
  • A 4:1 student to teacher ratio
  • A 9 hole playing lesson

Learning is discovery. If you want to accomplish a task such as pitching a ball over a bunker with a sand wedge, you can start with a concept for ball-club impact, watch the concept in action, think about how to move the club, then act (move the club through the ball) and get an outcome.

If the result is what you desire, super – keep doing that!  If not, then you must think about what you can do differently and then give that a go to see what happens. The process is really quite simple: Concept + Action = Outcome.

Sam Randolph Master Series Golf School

As IMPACT ZONE® Instructors, we shorten your trial and error period by clarifying your concept and refining your action. These actions aid in reaching your desired outcome sooner. This, in fact, is the premise behind IMPACT ZONE® instruction and Impact-Based™ teaching. Based on Bobby’s book, “The Impact Zone” and now his new “IMPACT ZONE® Training System”, the schools are designed to help you as an individual find the best way to get the ball where you want it to go. Once you get it, you can use it to play more enjoyable golf.


“I wanted to let your team know how much I enjoyed working with Sam Randolph this past weekend at the IMPACT ZONE® Master Series Golf School. Sam has a wealth of golf teaching experience and a great understanding of the IMPACT ZONE® fundamentals. He was exceptionally good at taking my swing and making a few adjustments that allowed me to make significant progress in a short period of time. I left the course with a thorough understanding of what I needed to work on that would my enhance success in the impact zone. Sam remained engaged and committed for hours each day to helping me improve my golf game. It was a pleasure to work with him. Thanks!” – L. Dubose



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IMPACT ZONE® Custom Golf Schools

Due to popular demand for teaching instruction from students, Impact Zone Golf is now offering to groups of 4 or more IMPACT ZONE® Private Golf Schools.  These one to three day schools can be customized to be held at the site of your choice at a variety of price points to fit your budget.  Contact us to schedule your private school today.

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For information on our cancellation and rescheduling policies, please visit the Instruction Overview page.